– Hi, this Andriy from Email marketing, NYC. And today I’ll show you how to send test email from campaigns, to your mailbox and to check if everything looks great. So I’ll show you how to do it in Campaigns, as well as in the Flows. So first we go to campaigns, and let’s say you or somebody on your team preparing campaign for you, and you want to double check if everything works. So, we let’s do, we don’t have any drafts. So let’s do, let’s clone this one. Create copy. I’ll delete it later. Save and continue. We do, I mean, unless you have variables, but let’s do that and edit content. And what we do on the left side, there is like eye icon. So click there, and we do send us an email, and you type in your email. Let’s do. So this is my email. Yup. Preview now. And it will be sent to my mailbox. So before I check, let’s go back and let’s do the same thing for Flows. So click on the Flow. Pick the flow you want to send out. To check, let’s do, I don’t know, like, existing customers. Let’s do just this one. Click edit. Click preview. And send us an email and same thing. Preview now. And by the way, you can do it like, over and over, and let’s say close this. And you can type in different email and send it to somebody else on your team, to approve the email. So if I go to my mailbox, my business mailbox, I should refuse those two emails. Yes. As you can see, this is this one. And by the way, those values will be replaced. Let’s send, this is just test email. And this is another email that I just received. So this is how you send test email from Klaviyo. Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I urge you, if you have Klaviyo account, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. We will post more and more videos about tips and tricks, how to use Klaviyo. Thank you.

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