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Kaela Jackson

Email Marketing Specialist

Kaela is a single mother to one amazing son and a pet parent to two dogs. She is creative and loves writing, digital design, and marketing. Kaela creates customer cakes, writes stories, dances, and plays video games with my son in my free time. She is also an avid Disney Villain nerd who can quote The Office and Friends. She also needs coffee like she needs air.

Favorite Quote:

“God is the God of ‘right now.’ He doesn’t want you sitting around regretting yesterday. Nor does He want you wringing your hands and worrying about the future. He wants you focusing on what He is saying to you and putting in front of you … right now.” ― Priscilla Shirer



Interesting Facts:


Andriy and his family moved to the US in 2004.

She was a surrogate mother in 2018 for a family in Ireland.


Kaela has C-PTSD and severe Celiac disease – both those things basically mean she doesn’t like large crowds and a cheese sandwich could be fatal.


Track Record of Success

In 2021, she brokes her tailbone after she went cliff jumping. Still, she loves adventure and she would do it again in a heart beat!

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