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Dusica Milivojevic

Internal Marketing Manager

Dusica, originally from Serbia, graduated from the Business Academy and dove into digital marketing in 2019. Starting as a Copywriter, she moved up to become an Email Marketing Specialist. Now, as the Internal Marketing Manager at Flowium, she oversees the company’s email marketing and social media strategies.

She loves teaming up with colleagues at Flowium and appreciates the flexibility the company provides. She enjoys navigating the ever-changing world of digital marketing and is a vital part of Flowium’s success.

Favorite Quote:

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. “


Bosnia & Herzegovina | Trebinje

Interesting Facts:


Andriy and his family moved to the US in 2004.

Dusica can’t imagine a world without cats.



If she isn’t working she’s either discovering new recipes, drinking Ice latte on the seaside, or trying out wines from the local wine distilleries.

Track Record of Success

She’s into all things related to skincare and makeup, and can sometimes spend the whole day watching YouTube videos for inspiration.

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