Glaiza Oliveros

Klaviyo Pro

Glaiza discovered Klaviyo in late 2019 when she had to learn Klaviyo account management. Before working for Flowium, she used Andriy’s YouTube videos as an introduction to Klaviyo when she had limited knowledge about the platform and email marketing.

By 2021, Glaiza had developed increased knowledge and experience with Klaviyo. She saw the opportunity to enter Flowium and was eager, as it was the company that taught her about the email marketing industry. Glaiza loves her role at Flowium. She continues to deepen her knowledge of Klaviyo and sees every challenge as a learning opportunity.

Favorite Quote:

“Better done than perfect.” 



Interesting Facts:


Andriy and his family moved to the US in 2004.

Glaiza is an ambivert.


She loves plants, but they die in her hands (She even killed a cactus and she doesn’t know how she did it!). So Glaiza just leave them alone.

Track Record of Success

Glaiza is happily married. They have one daughter with the energy of 2 kids. Their family spend most of the weekends and free time on spontaneous trips or visiting thier family and friends enjoying the outdoors or good food.

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