– This is Andriy from Email Marketing NYC. In today’s video, I’ll show you how to design emails right there in Klaviyo. I record this video because I work with many companies where they have in-house designer and since we I mean our agency, we do not provide design. But I know, and I do respect great appealing emails that Graphic Designer designs, but my job is for customer, make sure their emails gets to inbox. So it has better deliverability and it looks good as on desktop, as well as on mobile. That’s why, when I start working with companies I have deep conversation with the design there and explain them how they can achieve the same thing what they do in Photoshop or Illustrator same thing in Klaviyo. So basically they will do the same job but approach is a little bit different. And I’ll explain to you why in this video. So if you’re a designer or you have a designer I highly recommend to let them watch this video and if I’m too slow for you you can hold on right there below, click on the gear sign and put one and a half speed or two X speed and it will speed up the process and smooths out all my mistakes. Okay so, let’s go to your Klaviyo account. And let’s use email templates since for a designer, I highly recommend to use templates because you can create all templates here and then somebody like me or somebody on your team can build use those templates to build flows and build campaigns. And by the way, if you’re owner and watching this information, you can have custom access for your designers, so they don’t see numbers how much you make, if you want to hide that information. And on YouTube, I created the video, how to add users to Klaviyo account and what permission levels. So let’s do this example. So this is the thing that I use for different company. Actually let’s start from scratch, it will be much easier to create template. Let’s do basic one, let’s do column number one. First, majority of designers are familiar with MailChimp design and if you’re not, it’s fine. But, Klaviyo is very similar to MailChimp in terms of drag and drop, but it’s more robust. So basically everything that you see here on the left it’s drag and drop, and you add your text here it’s very easy to add. This is the fonts you have, this is sizes. So it’s like Word Document or something you can add it. So it’s not very hard to do that. Also there’s two options, you have a block where you added that block specifically also there’s block styles. Let’s say, if you want to have like font different color you can change font right here. Right here. But you can do as well here. One supersedes another. Also like let’s say, image split, like if you want to have a split two columns, three columns, more columns then you can have a button, then you can have a header. Let’s say, if you want to use some kind of header then you have to play a lot with this. It would be hard for me to show like all possibilities but honestly, since you’re a designer, if you play for probably 30 minutes, one hour, you’ll figure out how to use it. You can use Drop Shadow if you want that and here you can use columns, like if you want to split the email. But for Graphic Designer, since you used to, I mean you use everything in like Photoshop or Illustrator I’ll show you how to combine those features and how to break down your emails. So let’s go to this really good emails but by the way this is a great source for inspiration. I highly recommend to check to see what other companies do and let’s use this email. So the common mistake I see, people use one image I already saved with it. So this is how they create email. So they use this email, upload, browse and let’s do this and upload. Right here you can fit image to area and it looks amazing email. It’s like, honestly, it’s hard to desire something better. It looks everything amazing. However, this is, oops sorry, my bad. Let’s delete, let’s delete this, let’s delete this and let’s delete that. Okay, so I mean, everything looks good however just imagine person receiving this email and they have images turned off on Gmail or Outlook. I mean, they receive just empty mails so this is a big problem for deliverability because they will either click spam or click unsubscribed because you’re sending them empty emails with nothing in them and you’re wasting their time. And another problem was this kind of email where you have only one image mobile. This like, as you can see Star Wars looks good, Me Undies I don’t know how to read it, looks good. This looks fine. But look, look at this, and this is like common problem. It’s so small I cannot read it. I mean, I hardly can read it. Maybe you say like, you don’t need to be read because there is unsubscribes. Yeah, correct, and this might be too small. So you want to create emails which are adjustable to mobile or desktop or tablet and how to do it. So for example, how would I recommend to add this template? First, I would recommend two split, split in terms of split images. So first I would recommend to a designer is to split this part like this one or maybe even right here, it will be block number one. Then since this is custom email, custom font I will split this block as well. Then I will insert image, then I will remove this or move it down or I remove all that. And I’ll tell them to use this as a text block font block and this as font block and on black background was white font. Then I will tell them to use this as a button custom button, like this button which one, right here. So which block style, and let’s say it’s square so you don’t need radius, then you need something bigger. So you do like 30, maybe something bigger, you need like 60 or 90, I mean, you have to play with that and you want text and you want background, background, background. Background is blue, but black background, you want black. Yeah, so this is how you mimic this button and then you create another one and now you have two. But this way, when you do, I mean you have to play with that, but this adjust to mobile, mobile device, it makes text bigger and readable on mobile devices. Okay, so what’s next, what’s next. All this, it’s text block, text block social media block text block, text block doesn’t have to be image. In general, as I said, many clients they design one email in Photoshop or Illustrator Export as one image, in the best case, they slice it as different images. So like as this email, but different images, like instead of this one as one image, they have one, two, three, four five, six, seven, eight, like blocks and they insert a separate images, which little bit better but again, if the image option turned off on Gmail or Outlook, their customer will not see the email. But let’s say you send it and the image is not enabled so they do not see your logo, they do not see this picture but they see they see this right here. And they just went to Digital Marketer because probably the first article I read years ago about Email Marketing for E-commerce. So this is a great example from Tony Robbins. And as you can see the same email with no images and with images. So as you can see, when you receive this kind of email if there’s no images, you’re not missing anything because all information is right here. I mean, if it’s with images, it’ll look much better but without the images, you’re receiving information. Maybe you do not receive pretty pictures but you’re receiving the same information. So this is what I’m trying to convey to you that either you send email with images or without images, a person should receive the same kind of information. I showed you how to use designer like Email Klaviyo or Email Designer, Klaviyo Email Designer drag and drop, how to do that. Feel free to ask me any kind of questions below because for me to use this designer it’s like second nature for you it might be new. So please, please, please let me know if you have any additional questions I will be more than glad to help you out and also subscribe to this YouTube channel because we’re releasing daily video for the next year, how to better use Klaviyo. Thank you.