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How to Create Dynamic Emails | Current Month & Year Coding

Written by Bobi Nikolovski
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    In this video, you will learn how to change the date for each email easily but not have to change the evergreen content and text of the email. For certain parts of the email you will have to change the day, month and year and I will walk you through a strategy on how to do this.

    You may have an offer that runs out in a few days or a discount code for 24 hours, so it is important that the date is correct so people receive the email and have enough time to use the discount code.

    If you’re sending out hundreds of emails, this strategy will make it so much easier and less likely to make any mistakes with the dates. If you mention the day of the week, such as Monday or Wednesday, it must match up with when you sent the email.

    – Hello guys, in this video, I’m going to try to explain to you how, and when should we use the following Klaviyo tags, which is current week day, current month name and current year. Where would we use these tags instead of the year, so if you want to create dynamic content on a specific template that you will use that template several times. You will use it for many years. You just want to change few things here and there in the images, in the text, but they’re specific things that you will want to keep like forever. Like you would like to have dynamic weekday, dynamic month in this email to match up, for example, now is March, or you want to say now is Monday or things like that. So you will use this code in that specific email, and it will automatically populate the specific day when people will get that email. So for example, if you sent that same email on one person on Monday, on the other person on Wednesday, they will get same email, but the value of that specific word will be different. For the person that got it on Monday, will get it as Monday and the person that got it on Wednesday, will get it as Wednesday. So yeah, it’s quite interesting for the setting up of the templates that you will be constantly using. And I will give you few examples. So for example, the current week day is mostly will be used if you want to use it somehow in the context of what you’re saying. So for example, you’re writing email and you want to say, today is this day, and you can use this code till let’s say the next two days or the next five days, you’re referring to giving a discount code. That is how we can use it. We’ll provide this code below the video and you can just copy and use them. The current month is similar as weekdays. You can just copy this code and use it whenever you want it in email. What we usually use this for is if you want to be specific for something and maybe for longer discounts, things like that. But the most that we use is the current year. So for example, why we use this? We use this for the convenience of setting up the footer. So let’s say in the footer we want to mentioned our company and throughout the current year. So let’s say we will say something like Flowium and we will write the year, so right now it’s 2021, but that will mean that we’ll have to go next year and change it to 2022, and then change it to 2023. And it’s not a big deal, but if you have a lot of flows, a lot of emails, a lot of times where you use this template, if you use the numbers like 2021, you will have to go and change it each year in all emails that you’re sending. In all flows that you’re having already set up and if you have like hundred emails in the different flows that you have, and we have some client that have even more than 100 emails, you have to go and change it separately in each one of them, one by one, and that is too much work and you don’t need to do that. What you can do instead is just use this code and it will automatically populate the year that it is right now. So let me save this and I will show you how this looks. For example, if you preview the email. So see right now we see the code here, but if you preview the email, we will see the actual dates. So you’ll see that today is Monday, we will see that today is March and we will see that today is 2021. If you use this same template, the same email, and we send it in one month in Wednesday let’s say. It will say Wednesday, April and 21. The use of this is look, as I said for the templates mostly that you use in flows. If you have in footer, some things that you don’t want to change very often and because you use it in all the emails, you just simply use this code. So you don’t need to go and change it each month or each year or whatever it is. So that would be thanks and subscribe to the channel. Thanks.

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