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Migrate from Bronto to Klaviyo for Free

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    We do migrate companies who use Bronto for free to Klaviyo.

    Why do we do it for free?

    Before I even start talking about the process and all ins and outs, let’s address the elephant in the room.

    Why do we do this for FREE?

    Yes, you get tremendous benefits since we charge from $1500 to $2250 for the migration to Klaviyo. But what is the benefit for us?

    We do get the benefit from the Klaviyo side, they do not pay us.

    We are currently a Platinum Partner, and our goal is to get to the Elite level. It is the highest Klaviyo Partner Tier. For us to be able to achieve our goal, we need to do a certain amount of migrations. After we get to the Elite level, Klaviyo will refer more business to us.

    One of our company values is to Play the Long Game. As you can see, we do walk the walk.

    Quick Links

    Here are the other important things you need to know about the migration as well as the common questions we hear. Just click on any link below, and it will direct you to the section where we explain it in greater details.

      What’s Included

      Flowium takes care of your entire migration process – all we need is access to your email marketing software. This includes:

      • installing Klaviyo tracking codes
      • migrating up to 3 of your favorite templates
      • migrating three flows (email automations)
      • migrating up to 3 different sign-up forms
      • creating highly engaged segment
      • creating campaign warming schedule

      How long does it take to migrate from Bronto to Klaviyo?

      The migration process is quick, and we can do it in 2 weeks or less.

      BUT (the big “but” 🙂 )

      The migration timeline depends on the eCommerce platform you use.

      For example, if you use Shopify, we will be able to do the migration in less than 2 weeks. If you use something like Magento, Netsuite, or a custom platform, it would depend how fast your developer will be able to integrate Klaviyo with your eCommerce platform.

      Anything else I need to know or do?

      Many of our clients who utilized our free migration came to us after 1-2 weeks and asked us to do the full setup on Klaviyo.


      Some reasons:

      • They did not have an internal email marketing team.
      • They were not familiar with the Klaviyo platform.

      So, here is what we always recommend to be ready for. The migration is free, but if you want us to do the full setup, which includes 7-10 automations and 35-50 emails in those automations, which would cover the entire customer life cycle, we would charge two-three months of our bronze plan. Check the pricing page for details.

      Does Klaviyo integrate with Netsuite?

      Yes, it does integrate with Klaviyo.

      However, there is no native integration as with Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce. You need to hire a developer to do the integration for you. Or what we would recommend is to contact the Tavano Team. They have already developed the integration between Klaviyo and Netsuite. So, they do not need to start from scratch for your project, and they are a trusted partner of Klaviyo.

      Any other agencies to consider?

      Sure. First of all, check out our post about the Top 10 Ecommerce Email Marketing Service Agencies in the US. You can contact them and request the quote for the migration.

      Also, Klaviyo put together the list of companies who provide the migration, their fees, and timeline for Bronto to Klaviyo migration.

      Why Choose Flowium

      First of all, we will do the service for you for free. There is no other agency who offers this, at this moment at least.

      Also, many companies use a cookie-cutter approach when they do migration, according to what’s more convenient for them, not for you. 

      At Flowium, we make sure that when we finish the migration of your data, you can start using Klaviyo right away – without any hassle, data loss, technical nonsense, or confusion.

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