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How to Check Your Email Deliverability | Email on Acid

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, I will be discussing the issue of email deliverability, some businesses have trouble getting their emails delivered to everyone on the email list. You can use this to check the B2B, B2C and overall deliverability, whether your business is in the eCommerce or services niche. The report is easy to understand and will go into each area, so you can see the issues with your email and problematic areas.

    Sometimes certain email providers are very secure, and they block the emails getting to the recipient. You will find out if this is happening and you will see the provider’s name, for example, AOL, Outlook or Gmail.

    Sorting these issues is really important because you could be missing out on potential customers and returning buyers may not be seeing the deals and exclusive offers. Once these issues are fixed, you will notice a difference in traffic numbers and click through rates.

    When growing your eCommerce store, it’s crucial to have the right resources at hand. We have an entire collection of essential eCommerce tools, from an NPS calculator to email campaign checklist that you can download for free.

    Hi, this is Andriy, the founder of Flowium Email Marketing Agency, as well as this YouTube channel. The most common questions I get from our clients or potential clients, how to check deliverability.

    Another statement like, “I think my deliverability is bad, so my emails are not delivered to my subscribers.” And it’s a fair statement. But in my experience for the last four or five years, there were only few companies who had real problem with deliverability.

    So in today’s article, I’ll show you the tool we use to check deliverability for our clients, and how you can do the same.

    By the way, the tool is not free unfortunately. Maybe they have a trial. I’m not sure, you have to check it. But anyway, I’ll show you how we do it and if you want, you can buy subscription only for one month. We are not affiliated with them, but we are using this tool internally for all of our customers.

    So the tool called Email on Acid. By the way, the competitor is Litmus, but they are much more pricier, so that’s why we picked Email on Acid. So let’s go to login. I’ll log into my account. Log in, and this way it’s very easy test to do. It will take not more than five minutes to do, or maybe even less.

    So in Email on Acid click on spam testing, and there’s a few ways how you can do it, but the easiest one is just to copy. I will send each test email from my ESP using provider’s seed list. So just copy all of those emails. Now let’s do email in your email. Just testing my email for a video I’m recording.

    Okay. So we enter all those numbers, send this email, and we click run test. Now we need to wait before we get the results.

    So how does it work? So they have different seed emails, and if our email will be delivered to spam promo folder or inbox, they will let us know here.

    So as you can see, the first results start to populate. So right now it says 20%, 21%. So B2B deliverability, we are in B2B business, so this one is very important for us. But if you are in e-commerce, like D to C, direct to consumer, this would be important for you, and this is our deliverability.

    However, the goal is to be 100% for all of them. Again, if you are like 99, 90% somewhere else, they will give you the list where you have problematic areas, and then you can fix that area. Or you can exclude those emails and send them different kinds of emails and start improving.

    So how does it work? Let’s say you have a problem with AEL emails. So you segment out AEL emails from the rest. You are sending, let’s say, to engage list to everybody else, except AEL. And AEL, let’s say anybody who engage with you in the last seven days, and you send them email over and over and over and over and over and over again, then when you see higher open rate, you expand it to let’s say 14 days and 30 days and so forth. So you’re slowly increasing the day range of engagement, and this is one way you can improve your deliverability.

    So now we see that B2B deliverability has 100%. This is what we want to be. And the rest as is still running. You see Gmail, GMX. I have no clue what it is. Mail.com, Yahoo, what else? CPX. So let’s wait for those to be finished.

    If you are a brand, like eCommerce brand, or you have your own company and you want to do it, once again, just do the trial of the service or pay them once and be done.

    If you are a marketing agency, we strongly recommend for you to get this tool, because your service will improve and you will provide much more value to your customers. We start using this software two years and we catch so many mistakes in the emails because of this tool.

    Okay, so we have 84% deliverability for B2C, business to consumer, but there’s a few things that are still pending. The last time I checked it was 100%, so I’m not worried. It just takes time to get the results. And as you can see, it’s already 95% and and 96 overall. And we are still waiting for Mail.com.

    If it’s your first time on this channel, please subscribe to this YouTube channel. We’re releasing two videos per week about email marketing or other important tips for eCommerce. And yeah, and leave your opinion. Leave your feedback under this video. I’m checking it daily and responding in few days, or the same day right away.

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