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How to add Klaviyo product tracking to Shopify

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Hi, today I´ll show you how to install Product Tracking Klaviyo Code on your Shopify site. So stay tuned. So first let’s search for Klaviyo. How they suggest adding that code and we will follow their instruction and do step by step, how to do it. So we’ll go to Google with typing Klaviyo Shopify Product View and they will integrate with Shopify. CTRL F, product view, this is the code. Okay? So now let’s go to Klaviyo account. So first you just need to confirm if it’s working or not working on your site. You go to your Klaviyo account, you click on the metrics. On the last side, you click on active on site, and in this case it’s working. So I see that the code for a web tracking is installed. And it’s not purpose of this video to show how to install this, this web tracking. However, I want to show you how to install product viewed product, as you can see here, and why do we need that? We need that to trigger browser abandonment flow. By the way, I recorded browser abandonment video, how to create browser abandonment cart, browser abandonment flow in Klaviyo and you will seek link and ball in the card. So you can check and watch that video. But today I’ll show you how to install this code. So according to Klaviyo tutorial, you need to go to your Shopify online store and themes. So let’s do it together. Go to online store, then go to themes and the last, current theme and action and edit code. Okay. Current team action and code and we are looking for a product liquid file. You can copy this one. Oops. This one, will follow up on the editor, okay. So we’ll type in here. And we were looking for on their template, where to scroll down, paste the second code snippet at the bottom of the file after all the existing code. So you go back to your Klaviyo account on the right side, under your account name. You click on set up web tracking. You click on this code, right click, click copy. Let’s go back to, and as it says, in the tutorial, you just need to paste that code on the old codes that you have, in our case right here, click save, and then to double-check. According to this tutorial, you go back to Klaviyo account and you type in your. Your code. Next, let’s go up to here. Just double check. You see there’s trigger. So let’s go to metrics now, scroll down to viewed products. There’s no results. Okay. So now we need to double check If the code is working and I just opened a few files. So I opened this product, opened that product and open one more product. So let’s go back to Klaviyo, click on metrics and click on new products. It looks like it’s not working, goes Smart sheet king. It will update the data later, but what you can do to double check. If it’s working, you click on best people. And as you can see, this is my personal email. Is this, this my work email. So let’s click on my work email. And as you can see viewed products, viewed products, and on the right side, it will show you what product it’s viewed, and it should trigger the browser abandonment flow. Let’s see browser abandonment. Yeah, as you can see that there are two people are waiting. So everything’s working. This is how you install product tracking code for Shopify or Shopify inquiry integration. So both software are working. Yeah. Please let me know if this video is helpful. If it’s helpful, please like it. If you have more questions, please leave those questions below. Also subscribe. Since I’m releasing this kind of video about the Klaviyo trying to help you help myself to share it. It was my, it was my clients. And yeah, and if you have any other questions and you are not able to find them on internet on YouTube about Klaviyo please write them below

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