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AWeber – More Than Just an Email Marketing Service

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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AWeber is one of the top email marketing software that provides much more than just email templates. This tool has a collection of over 150 highly customizable email templates. AWeber has many supporting tools to change them, and the ability to send emails whenever, however, and wherever the user wants. This is the distinguishable feature of AWeber that makes it stand out from the rest.

Here is the review of Flowium on the AWeber services and pricing.


Features by AWeber

AWeber provides a plethora of features that one can use to get the best out of email marketing. 

Smart designer

Smart designer by AWeber provides the ability to create aesthetic designs of emails, landing pages, and web notifications in a user-friendly GUI. There is no coding involved. The smart designer is AI-powered means it will generate design ideas and suggestions for better views and higher clicks-per-view.

There are drag-and-drop options for the creation of landing pages, email templates, and newsletters.

Aweber more than just an email marketing service

Designer in AWeber

Free Library

There is also an enormous library of tons of pre-built templates that will streamline your workflow. The library gives you the freedom to choose from a design made for higher click rates. These designs are free to use under the pro plan.


There is also an option for automation of emails and newsletters that will allow you to manage and schedule your email sending process. The automation feature helps in emailing the subscribers on times when they are most actively checking their inboxes. The automation also provides the option to automate the tagging of certain groups of people. This means that your email hits the right inbox every time you press ‘send’.

Analytics and Reporting

The analytics provide the users to gain insights into views by opening and clicked stats. Using these stats, users can get to know which type of content users like the most. AWeber provides a simple yet powerful dashboard and reports that only provide useful stats and performance of the campaign. Key Performance Indicators are also provided so everyone can understand the stats with no previous knowledge.

Aweber more than just an email marketing service

User Interface of AWeber Analytics

Integration with Different Platforms

AWeber provides easy integration with several social media platforms like Facebook and different eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Etsy.

AWeber Mobile Apps

AWeber also provides an app, AWeber Atom, that can be used to perform and manage email marketing campaigns on the go.

Aweber more than just an email marketing service

App Design of AWeber Atom

The features of the AWeber Atom includes:

  • Setting up sign-up forms
  • Curating new designs for blogs and website using templates
  • Analyzing the Statistics

AWeber Pricing – Overview

AWeber provides the option to try out their services before you join the company and avail their services. It limits this free trial to 500 email subscribers. It is the best bet for the novice blogger who is entering the email marketing domain and wants to try out different options but has a limited budget. The trial version, however, allows you to send unlimited emails to the email subscribers.

There is also a non-commitment plan that allows the user to subscribe to the services only when they need them. There are no contracts, and you can cancel anytime

AWeber Plans

AWeber offers prepaid plans for email listing up to 500 subscribers. AWeber bases these plans on paying period.

  • The monthly plan starts at US$19
  • The quarterly plan starts at US$49 for three months
  • Annually plan starts at US$193.8 for 12 months

The above-mentioned prices are only for 500 subscribers. When the number of subscribers increases, the plan begins to charge more. Users can select the relevant package based on their number of subscribers from the list from their pricing page.

Aweber more than just an email marketing service

Different Price Plans Based on Number of Subscribers

We tabulate the detailed pricing below:

Aweber more than just an email marketing service

Price Plans with Subscriber Counts

AWeber Plans Comparison

AWeber has only two plans: free and pro. AWeber provides almost all the features in both plans. The email sending limit is set to 3000 per month for free while it is unlimited for the pro version. Further differences are also detailed in the table below:

Aweber more than just an email marketing service

AWeber Support and Help

AWeber is known for providing quality through representatives which are available 24/7 via emails. Users can avail themselves of Live Chat Services from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST on Saturdays and Sundays, Live chat services are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

There are also blogpost and forums on social media platforms where help is available.

Final Words by Flowium

AWeber provides everything that is required for a successful email marketing campaign. There are tons of design templates to choose from to make visually appealing designs and automation of the process streamlines the process.

The pricing of the plans is market competitive, and quality is top-notched. The company ensures that your messages get delivered to the right inboxes.

AWeber provides services for everyone, from beginners to experts. Through easily manageable email campaign automation and design options, AWeber can easily be recommended to be used as a sole service tool.

Try it for free from this link and let us know what you think.

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