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AfterShip and Klaviyo

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    – Hi, this is Andriy from Email Marketing NYC and today I’ll show you how AfterShip and Klaviyo work together. [intro music] So Aftership it’s a tool which helps, helps you to track the package, like track, like shipping, like somebody placed an order, then one you ship out, it can send the message that, like the package was shipped, then package in transit and package was delivered. Why is this important? From marketing perspective it’s important, because you’re taking care of your customer and you’re letting know where their package is. So for somebody like, maybe for you, it’s not as important, but for your customer, it’s important because they payed this, they want something and they placed the order, and right now, they are in anticipation mode. They are waiting for your product to receive. Just an example, I use a company’s sticker mule, if I’m not wrong, and I place those order, and like I paid, maybe, I don’t know, like $60, which is not a lot, but those stickers were so important for me, and I was like, one, one, one month and I’ll receive it. And they do very great job. They communicate with me directly, not directly, but in the automatic manner, they, okay. I receive email and text message, that, that order was out for delivery, then I receive another message, that like order is in transit and should be there soon, or they specify one. And then when the USPS guy or FedEx guy, I don’t remember, put it on my steps on front of my house. I received another messages that I received that package, and honestly, I’m very happy with this company because they are so thoughtful about me, that I care about my purchase and I want to know where’s that, I hate, honestly, I personally hate those companies who, where I place order, and I do not hear from them for maybe five days and I receive the order, maybe it’s fine. I mean, from Amazon it’s fine because I know that my package will be delivered in next two to three days, but those company who ships for five days or more, it’s not, just not good practice. So Aftership is amazing and I’ll show you how to use it. So for example, for this company, we use, you can use, you can convert that email from marketing to transactional and I recorded a video about transactional emails already, so you can check that on YouTube. So, but basically when, so how you create, you create Flow by using Filter, by using Trigger, Received Delivery. And here we have Trigger Split. Why? Because if we are not able to create link, so we have like a courier name. If it’s courier name USPS, we include and I’ll show you. So we have those orders, so when you do preview now, you can see the Order Number and also Tracking Number, and in addition to that Tracking Number, we add links, so when the person clicks, they can see the link, that unique link to a USPS website. For other couriers, like FedEx and UPS, we couldn’t do that, so that’s why, other person, who doesn’t have courier USPS in their, your field, they will receive the same email, but the difference is the URL, not URL, the tracking code is not clickable, so there’s only one difference. Just to show you how to start the Flow. So basically you create a Flow, [typing] “TEs Aftership” you click on Metrics. Now you select which metrics and you have few metrics. You have Delivery Exception, Failed Delivery Attempt, In Transit, Out for Delivery, Received Delivery, Shipped Package. So basically all those triggers, all those options can be separate, separate flows. This is, I mean, I spoke with another client, who use AfterShip and said like after we start using Aftership and communicate with our customers, our canceled order or funds was reduced dramatically, because we effectively communicate with our customer and update them on the each step of the process. So they are more, they are more comfortable with their purchase. That’s why I highly recommend to use it for your business. It’s, I’m not sure how much Aftership costs, but it’s very powerful tool. Thank you for watching this video. If you liked this video, please click Like button below. Please comment below and let me know what other videos you would like to see on this YouTube channel. Also, if you’re not subscribed yet, click Subscribe button below and click on the bell button to receive notifications, when we release new video. We release new tutorial every day and educational video every Thursday.

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