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Creating and Activating Coupon Codes in Klaviyo

Written by Bobi Nikolovski
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    In this video, we will be showing you how to create a coupon code in Klaviyo and how to activate the code. You will learn how to name the codes, the time they are available from and to.

    These can be brilliant and very useful, especially around seasonal times and important days of the year such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day and more.

    You will also learn about collections and dynamic coupon codes, why dynamic is the best option. The dates can vary when you want them to start and finish, this has to be planned around when the emails will be sent out to potential customers.

    Hello guys. So today we’ll be talking about how to create and use dynamic cloud, your coupon code, for the use of the flow.

    Remember, this is just use of the flows dynamic cloud, coupon codes for the campaigns is created a little bit differently. Because it has to have specific number of codes. But in this specific video we will be only talking about dynamic coupon codes for flows and how they work is each person will get different coupon code that only them will be able to use only once. And the code won’t be used again, let’s start.

    How do we create coupon codes in Klawiyo?

    First of all, we’ll need to go to the dashboard and then go to the coupons menu. Here we go to create a Shopify coupon code. And here we will see that we have… Just ignore this. We will have different options to chose. First here, rename the coupon code.

    Just remember that the coupon code must be in one word. It can’t add spaces. So let’s just say for the purpose of the video, we’ll name it coupon code, or you can add it 10% or whatever. However you want to create the name.

    Actually, this name will be just for you. No one will see this name. This will be just for you to differentiate this coupon codes from some other coupon codes. So what we usually do is write the flow number.

    For example, for the welcome code for which is zero one for us, we are zero one. And then write the discount. For example, we want 10% off. That is how we create it. So we know which coupon code is for what flow and how much it is for but we can leave this on you.

    Let’s leave it like this for now. The prefix, this is optional. We don’t usually do that. And here we have three different options on how to create the coupon code.

    We won’t be able to create every coupon code. Let’s say from the start that buy one, get one free and offers like that. We won’t be able to create in Klawiyo. Also, we won’t be able to exclude products or collections.

    So we can say this code can be valuable for all products, except this product or this collection. So that is also not an option. To work for all, to choose specific collections or to choose specific products.

    The problem that we had is when we want to choose specific products but the client has too many products, then we ask them to create one collection of all of those products and use them for all. Or if they have too many collections, we want to create them to create one collection for all of the products in the different collections that they have. So we can use it because selecting hundreds of different products or collections, it’s not very useful. It’s like too much time for simple coupon code creation, which doesn’t make sense.

    So what options do we have?

    We can option to discount fixed amount, meaning $10 off your next order, $15 off your next order or things like that, which is strict dollar amount or discount that we want to apply if someone make an order with this coupon code.

    The percentage is simple. It’s self-explanatory we want to give 10%, five percent, 12%, 15%, whatever you want. This is where you do it. And the free shipping option is we are giving free shipping, which is also self-explanatory for specific products, or they make a certain amount of payment. Like if they buy minimum of $100, then they will get free shipping and things like that.

    And I will go and show them and explain how they work and what are the options that they have.

    So let’s start with the fixed amount discount code. If you click on it, we can say that we give discount of let’s say $10, or let’s say we want to give $50 or $50 or whatever we want. Let’s say in this case, we want to give $10 off the entire order.

    Here are the options that you can choose: entire order, specific product, specific collection. If you choose the entire order, this means all products on your website. If you choose specific products, then you will have to look for the products. And if you have too many products, then it may be a problem selecting all of them. Then also have option specific collections in here.

    Right now, we don’t have any collection on this account, but you will see all the available collections that you have and you will just need to type and choose. And you can choose multiple collections.

    As I said before, we can’t exclude, but we can include all of the ones that we want this code to work for.

    Here also, we see option require minimum purchase. This is if you want to make it optional, only to work for people who spend at least this amount of money. So we can select it and say, give $10 discount to everyone who place order for anything on at least a hundred dollars spent.

    So they need to have at least a hundred dollars spend to get the $10 discount. That is that option. And then this is general for all of the three options, which is when do we want this to be activate.

    We can set it to activate a specific date, but this is, we don’t use this for flows. This is for campaigns. And as I said, this is not video for that.

    So we are all the same, set it to be dynamic at same time, because in the flows, we will have emails that for one person will send today for another reason. Tomorrow for another in week. So we want this to be dynamic. The quote will be created on the moment on the moment when the email will be sent.

    When do we want to expire?

    We can set it to never. We can set it on a specific date, but since we don’t know specific date when this will be sent, it’s hard for us to choose specific date when this will out. So what we always do is we got certain number of days and hour, so specific or how long we want the code to last, we put two or three days.

    So from the moment the email will be sent, the coupon code will be created and the time will start counting. If you set it like this from the moment the email was sent, after two days, the coupon code will be finished and won’t work anymore. And that is how we usually create.

    So let’s go now to the other options. The percentage is pretty similar. You choose the percentage amount that you want to discount. You choose what it applies to same options as for the fixed amount. And also we can put minimum requirement for purchase price or not.

    Same goes for the shipping, but for the shipping, you don’t have option to choose which products or which collections. It always applies for all products on their website. You can also put things here, like if this is maximum shipping grades that you will give.

    So for example, if I am buying and my shipping at this point from the products that I put in cart is less than 10%, I will get the free shipping, but if it is more than 10% of $10, then I won’t get the free shipping.

    So what you want to do here is for example, if usual shipping on your website is $20, let’s say you put here for two $30 and most of the people will be in this category. So what we want also to do what you usually want to do is for free shipping option, we always require minimum purchase and that depends on the products on your website and how they want to set it up.

    So say if you place an order for at least let’s say $200 and your shipping at that point is less than $30, we will give you free shipping. So those are all the options. And let’s say, we will create this for 30% and we don’t want anything. You know. Let’s say 10% because that is how we named it and it to be valid for two days.

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    So now we create a coupon code for 10% off entire order. And it will last for two days. From the moment the email will be sent and we click create the coupon code. Then what will happen? The coupon code will be created and we will be able to see it on the coupon code page.

    There it is. So we created the coupon code, now let’s move on how to add this code to the email.

    We just copy the code name and we move the email and here we use this specific code for Klayiyo as Klayiyo dynamic code. And what we want to do is here is go to source and where it says code, we need to add the name of our code that we created and that we want to use for this email, but it has to be format like this. And we go back to service and you will see here, it says coupon code and then we will see the name of your coupon code.

    Where to find this code?

    We will actually add it below the video in the description, but you can go and search for this article in Klayiyo. How to use coupon codes and here a lot of useful information that you can use. So that somewhere in the middle of this article, you will find this code. And there it is.

    But I suggested you copy it to some note, but, or some file that you use regularly for storing information like this. And then you have it on your hand whenever you need it.

    Also go to read this article smoothly, the link for this article below the video too.

    Now back to the code,

    We added the code and now how to test it? How to actually preview it?

    There’s easy way to preview this and to make sure if this code is working or not. You just click preview, just first, make sure that while you’re editing, you click save. So the options are saved and you’re not previewing before you saved with a code added. So preview and you preview directly in Klayiyo and you will see it says the name of your code slash preview.

    When this happens, that means that you called this working properly. How to know that? Let me show you what will happen.

    If you just say, code here. We don’t have code with name code, which means this code doesn’t exist. And if you made any mistakes, not in the name or what they are, if added the code that is not created yet, when we preview it, we will see an error and the error will say unable to find coupon code with name, code. It may have been deleted. If you see this, then you mean you probably added wrong code.

    Your code was not created or maybe you copied or removed some part of this code here. So you always want to make sure that a code is added properly and you always review the emails for the codes and make sure it says preview next to them. This codes are hard to test.

    Yeah, the added to the flow and get the flow emails as everyone else does because there’s no easy way for you to test this. If you preview, if you send a preview to yourself, this code will not always be generated. And that is why it’s best if you don’t pay much attention to it, it’s good to test it.

    But you have to create another campaign. You have to change the code and things like that. And probably best just leave it to preview. If it says preview next to it, actually does the second, we want it to show you how this will look in your email, but anyway, it doesn’t matter because it will look same as here and for the code, it will say preview, but what actually people will see here when they get the exact mail, when the generated, by going through the flow, they will see numbers and letters like X, nine, things like that. It will be like eight, 10 letter or number code.

    And it will be different for each person. So as it long it says preview here in the preview section. That means the code is good to end and it will be work.

    One last thing that I wanted to talk about here was the option to add automatically applied coupon code to our links and that we have here. And this is the link for the dynamic Klayiyo coupon codes that use in flows and how that add that code to the email.

    This is great article which we’ll also link into the account and here we have, how to add the static Shopify codes and how add dynamic Klayiyo coupon codes. So this will be just for the dynamic Klayiyo coupon code. And this is the code that we would like to use.

    This actually, if you want to redirect, it’s pretty simple. We just change the name here to your site. And here you add the part that you want to go to collections or to specific products or things like that. And then you just use this code, just make sure this is important to mention.

    If you add this here, you change for the new part where you want to go. You change this to your website, make sure that you always update this to the proper code. And the proper code is that you want to use for that email. And it follows the same as for checking this code. And if you change it here and save.

    Now you could go to preview. And if you copy this link, if you open it into another tab, you will see same here. It will say preview, the name of our code and preview. That will mean that the code is working and it will be applied.

    Just make sure that you add the right website to be linked to your website to have the right code and to link to the part that you want to go as collections of specific products or things like that. So that is the last thing that I wanted to mention.

    Also, when we are talking about this, it’s important to know that Klayiyo dynamic coupon codes only work for Shopify stores. They don’t work from Magenta or for big commerce or other commerce platforms. And which also means that this link won’t work for them. This code won’t work for them. So make sure that you use them only if you’re using Shopify as your ecommerce platform.

    Another thing is this code won’t work if you have automatic coupon code in your store. So let’s say you have automatic coupon codes. We have some clients that have 10% of everything, all the time and the code is automatically added to person’s cart.

    And if you have that, because those codes are automatic codes are from Shopify and they always have priority over Klayiyo coupon codes. So if you have automatic coupon codes from Shopify, you have automatic coupon codes from Klayiyo, only the Shopify one will work.

    Another option that may happen, that we see in our clients. Some clients have three for one. For example, if you buy two products, you get automatic 10%, if you go buy two products, you get automatic 15%. All of those are automatic coupon codes apply to the shop, person’s cart and then they try to check out.

    And if you use this link, which should automatically apply the discount person’s card, then this won’t be applied because the Shopify is already applying the Shopify automatic discount. So make sure that you’re… If you’re using links to automatically apply discount codes from Klayiyo, that you are not using automatically applied discount codes from Shopify.

    That would be it. Thanks for watching the video and subscribe and like. If you want it and all the relevant information as the articles and the code for the discount, will be linked and put in the description below this video.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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