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How to Export Birthday Dates from Smile.io and Import to Klaviyo

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    How to Export Birthday Dates from Smile.io and Import to Klaviyo.

    In this video, I will show you how to get birth dates from the Smile.io app into the Klaviyo account.

    – Hi, this is Andriy from Flowium and in this video, I will show you how to get birthdays from Smile.io app into Klaviyo account. Smile.io is loyalty program which is they integrate natively with Klaviyo and I have another video how to integrate Smile.io and Klaviyo. However, one disadvantage of Smile.io and Klaviyo integration, they do not pass birthday information to Klaviyo. And as you know, we can use birthday information to promote something or send some coupon codes, or just say happy birthday to your clients. This way it’s extra touch and additional touch point where you can market to your clients. So in this video I’ll show you how to do it. It’s a manual process and I highly recommend to do it like maybe on monthly basis unless you have a lot of new subscribers to Smile.io program. In that case maybe you want to do it more often, but once a month should be fine. So you’ll login to your Shopify account. So when you login into your Shopify account, click on Apps. I’m sorry, click on Apps, then click on Smile.io rewards program. Actually, I already logged in here, so then you go to customers, and you pick everybody who’s a member, typically it’s already selected because I was testing something. But you pick only members, because if they are candidates only in 99.9 chances that they will not have the birthday information so actually maybe near 100%, so we click on members only. Okay, so as I said you click on members and it will filter by members only. And the next thing you want to do is to export, export customers, doesn’t matter you can export all of them. In this case I’ll do export all customers. Okay, while exporting, I will go to Klaviyo account and go to lists and segments and let’s create new segment or actually not new segment, new list. Okay, so I went back to Smile.io. It’s already ready for me to export. So I download CSV file, go back to this. Smile.io imports list that I created inside Klaviyo. Click upload contacts and just click on this icon, and look for the customer export import. So all the rest information if you want can be sync or not synced doesn’t matter. And honestly I don’t care because it’s already in sync. The integration between Klayivo and Smile.io. One thing which is not in sync is date of birth. So, date of birth. So this one is not created so you can create option, date of birth. And you want to do date and click import. It will take a while, actually it depends how busy Kalviyo is, sometimes it takes a few seconds, sometimes it might take a few minutes. But basically this is how we import data, birthday data inside of Klaviyo and I believe I have on YouTube video how create birthday Flow, so if I do I will include it on top, in the card, so you can click and see how you can set up the Flow. So trigger before somebody’s birthday or like if you want to offer them some kinda of discount for ordering gifts for their birthday, or if you do not want to offer any discount and just say, “Hey, happy birthday,” you can send an email trigger that Flow on the specific date. So while it’s creating, actually I’m done here, is there any questions about this topic or any other topic related to email marketing, SMS marketing, or Klaviyo, please let me know in the comments below and also if you want to schedule a consultation with me or my team, there should be a link below under this video with how you can do it. Thank you.
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