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How to Get Out of Gmail Promo Tab

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    When you send marketing emails, 95% of them get into the Promo tab. The majority of our clients want to know how to get out of the Gmail promo tab? It’s almost impossible to change, but still, there are some hacks you can use to get out of the promo tab.   Watch the video and learn them now! My personal advice is better to focus on growing your email list rather than thinking about how to get out of the promo tab.   – One of the most common questions we always get from our clients is how to get out of promo tab. Hi, is this Andriy, the founder of Flowium, email marketing agency, as well as this YouTube channel. If you first time on this channel, I strongly recommend you to subscribe because we have this kind of videos every week, and we have over 200 videos on different topics, Klaviyo, email marketing and marketing in general. So a subset of, one of the most common question people ask us is how to get out of a promo tab. Even when you send marketing emails, majority of the emails, probably 90% to 95% of them gets into promotional tab in Gmail and other service providers. Before we continue with the video, I have a short announcement to make. We are growing and we have a few spots available for new clients. And I would like to tell you about our partner program, give thousand dollars, get thousand dollars. How does this work? If you know anybody in your network who are e-commerce brand online retailers, please refer them to us. And if they sign up with us, you will get thousand dollars and they will get thousand dollar discount, or they are credited. Or if you are an e-commerce brand and you would like to work with us, we will give you $2,000 dollars toward your first month of the retainer. Just visit flowium.com/partner and see that details of partner program. And we have a template there, email templates, which you can send it to your friend or somebody you know in e-commerce space. So the quick answer it’s hard and almost impossible. Why? Because those promo tab designed specifically for a marketing emails, just for better user experience. And there’s few hacks you can do, but personally, as a agency owner, and this is what we do for a living, I do not recommend to focus on that. Your emails will end up into promo tab sooner or later. One way, which you can do, and this is what magic spoon. I have a lot of examples of magic spoons. First of all, it’s a great cereal. I’m their customer and carried brand. So once a while they send this kind of emails. So it’s text-based emails and those text-based emails can go into inbox versus a promo tab. However, it’s not always, like, it’s not always the case for all brands. So as you can see that they have this kind of emails, they can, they have this kind of email. So branded emails and they have this. So this kind of emails, there’s more chances to get to inbox versus this one. Another thing is you can ask when people are subscribing to your newsletter, let’s say pop up, pop up or footer or some other form, the confirmation page where you can ask them, Hey, go to your promo tab. If we land it in their promo tab, move us to the primary inbox. So this is another option. Again, it should not be your concern, promo tab designed specifically for that reason to get marketing emails, to group, all marketing emails in one place. People, when they start engaging with your emails, maybe even ask people to reply. Because one day you reply to market emails it will move from promo type to inbox, to their primary inbox. So there’s few ways as I said, like you use text based emails once a while ask them to move from promo to primary when they sign up and the third one asked them to engage the reply to my emails. But if you have like a hundred, 200,000 email subscribers and everybody replies, it’s crazy. However when you’re just starting out? If you’re like new business owner, you have like hundred or two, 1000 subscribers it’s manageable. So it was my quick explanation today, how to get of promo tab. And again, do not focus on that. I would highly recommend for you to focus on growing your list and doing your email marketing properly and not focus on like, Hey, my emails get into inbox. It’s not an issue for you and your email sooner or later, will end up in the promo tab anyway. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be glad to answer them. Thank you.
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