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Abandoned Cart Strategy with LOYALTY program

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, I will show you a strategy on how to improve your abandoned cart by leveraging your loyalty program.

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    So you already have abandoned cart set up. In case you don’t, I’ll include link, how to build abandoned cart automation for your store, so please do that first before you continue. Also I assume that you have some kind of your loyalty program installed on your store. If not, I highly recommend for you to get, it’s free and you can upgrade when you’re ready.

    My affiliation link is, but you don’t have to use it, just to support our channel.

    Anyway, so let’s go to computer and I’ll show you what typically people have when they create an abandoned cart.

    So typically, people have started checkout as a trigger. So somebody start the checkout process. And filter for this automation is if they buy, we do not want to send them any other email. So that’s why we have the filter “Did not buy”. Typically it’s waiting four hours, two hours, somebody have a longer wait time. So, let’s assume you have four hours.

    So, after that, you send them reminder. “Hey, Customer, you left this in your cart.” and you dynamically show them what they left in their cart, one product or multiple products, how much it cost, and you ask them like, “Go back and finish your purchase.” Okay, so that’s clear.

    Then 20 hours later, which will be 24 hours from the initial checkout started, you send them, either another reminder, “Hey, it’s still available in the cart.” or you providing them some kind of incentive, so you providing 10% off, 20% off.

    And then you wait another day, and 100% you will offer them a discount. This is what the majority of people do. This is how all programs are set up, it’s not right or wrong, it depends on you and how you run your business. But those are three emails, and this is how it was done.

    So, it’s good, but in this article I’ll show you how to introduce your loyalty program, so maybe you do not provide them discount, you provide them some other incentives for them to buy.

    So, let’s keep at the beginning as is, so you have checkout started, did not buy, four hours, reminder, okay, which is good. Then, wait 24 hours, and let’s do a split here.

    So, email number one, we will send it to people that are not in loyalty program, okay. So you send them whatever you want, is either reminder or discount.

    If they are in your loyalty program, so let’s do 2b, and we send them, “finish your purchase by using the points”. So, the idea here is, incentivize them not with the discount, but tell them, “Hey, you have 1,000 points, which equals $10. Redeem those 1,000 points towards the items you left in your cart.”

    So, then we wait another day. There’s no need to do the split, since we already splitting them between. So just here. And again, this will be not in loyalty program, because we want to cover everybody who’s in the loyalty program or not, so we do 3a.

    And here, 3b, we want to cover only people who are, “Finish your purchase by using the points.” again, you can do the same thing, reminder finish the purchasing by using the points. Or, if your loyalty program allows you to do this like, use the points and get double points when you finish in the next, I don’t know, 24 hours. So, add some kind of urgency.

    So in this email there will be three things.

    • Redeem your points.
    • When you buy we’ll give you double points for your purchase. And third, you’re adding time constraints, you’re saying it’s available only in 24 hours, or six hours, or 48 hours, whatever you want to use. And you give them deadline, which create urgency, so people will act better than they used to.

    If you use Klaviyo, email marketing platform, under this video I’ll create a tutorial for, as well as for Swell, by Yotpo, how to set it up. But if you use any other platform it’s available, but we don’t have any tutorials for that, so sorry about that.

    In case you have any other questions, please feel free to comment below.

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