FAQ Flowium Services

Scope Of Work

Our basic Customer Life Cycle includes the following flows. This is the bare minimum of a Flowium email strategy. If we believe your company would benefit from additional flows, we’ll create them for you.

  • Pre-Purchase (Aka Welcome)  – 7-10 emails
  • Exit Intent – 4 emails
  • Abandonment Cart – 4 – 7 emails
  • Post Purchase (New Customer) – 5-8 emails
  • 2x Buyer Post Purchase – 1-3 emails
  • Browser Abandonment – 3 emails
  • Win Back – 4 emails
  • Sunset – 3 emails
  • Bounce back – 1 email

Advanced flows include all additional flows outside of our basic life cycle flows. That includes flows we might build to leverage your technology stack. For example, if you have a loyalty program, we will add another 3-5 flows to improve the performance of that program. Or maybe you have a product review software that we could use to collect data and use it to segment your customers. Other new flows might include updated iterations of some existing flows. For example an abandonment cart flow might have 3-5 different versions. Your different buyer persona wil receive personalized messages to boost conversion rates.

We’re happy to implement virtually any type of flow you can imagine (as long as you’re able to explain what you’re going for and give us an idea of the underlying strategy). Be aware that some requests might require additional resources like a developer, other software, or more.

If you’re just looking for short term help to set up your project, that will take us about six to eight weeks and would require 2 months of payments on our Bronze plan. We’ll create your entire fundamental lifecycle flow strategy, ensure your Klaviyo is setup and configured correctly, provide copywriting and design content, and implement the entire strategy. You can expect seven to ten flows depending on the strategy required for your business.

Our six to eight-week estimate is contingent on receiving feedback and approval on our proposed strategy and content (copy/design) from you within a reasonable time frame. To hit that timeline, we’d need feedback on strategy outlines, copy, and design within two business days of receipt. If the project is delayed beyond eight weeks due to a lack of timely feedback from the client, we will not move forward unless the client continues to pay our monthly retainer fee.

We’re available to help repair and develop anything related to your email marketing channel. We will charge you our “Bronze Plan” every month for as long as you need our help. You can cancel any time after the first month.

Yes, we can but our minimum plan is the Bronze one. Also, you can check our product service on the product page.

Yes, we provide the full service which includes copy and design.

You will receive a pdf outlining key KPIs within the first week after the recent completed month.

Service Terms

No, there is no minimum or maximum number of months. You can cancel at any time.

If you choose to send fewer emails than your plan allocates for in a specific month (due to inventory issues, lack of new products, etc.) the baseline price of your plan will not change. We do not prorate plans or rollover unused emails from month to month. If you want to send extra campaigns beyond what your plan stipulates, your plan will be upgraded automatically.

Yes, if you do not want to get billed for your second month with us, you will need to provide notice no less than 30 days from your next billing date. Payments are set up in a system for automatic billing.

Yes, but please note that our cancellation payment policy applies here, too.

Technology FAQ

We use Klaviyo’s default popup software. If you use a different popup software, we’re happy to work with that.

Design FAQ

Yes, we create gifs and graphics in the normal scope of work.

Flowium’s creative team will repurpose your photo assets to optimize them for our email campaigns. We do not provide color correction, cropping or extensive photo-editing of any sort outside of the needs of the email program.


Flowium leverages a mix of custom crafted, “unique” emails as well as modularized, or “templated” emails across automations and campaigns. 

“Unique” emails are highly visual and come in varying layouts (i.e. big graphic banners, a clever CTA, creative use of typography, photography, etc). Normally they are appropriate for singular Campaign emails or in storytelling automations like the Welcome series.

“Templated”, or standard email designs, emphasize to-the-point messaging, coupon codes or other dynamic data (products, cart data, rewards points, etc.) pulled directly from your business’s ecommerce platform. Copywriting for these emails includes a subject line, preheader, headline, byline, 2-5 sentence body copy, and CTA.

In months 1-2 we predominantly leverage templated emails, and in specific instances, several unique emails (normally within the Welcome and Post-purchase sequences). We do this because our goal for months 1 and 2 is deployment speed (there would simply not be enough time to craft 35 – 75 hand-crafted emails within such a short timeframe, not to mention the additional time required to approve strategy and email copy).

For this Foundational group of Flows, our goal is to launch quickly and gather as much data as possible. 

Once we have accrued enough data (around the beginning of month 3) Flow automations that show more promise or simply need more attention are revisited — we’re constantly evolving our strategy.