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March Newsletter Ideas for 2023

Written by Vira Sadlak
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    In this video, we go over the themes of the month sharing ideas on how you can build your campaigns around them and then walk you through events and holidays happening in March that you can use to make your campaigns relevant and engaging. Create a Klaviyo account to start sending beautiful and effective campaigns to your subscribers.


    March Monthly Themes

    So first things first, month themes for the month of March. First of all, it’s National Nutrition Month. So if you are in the nutrition industry, in the food industry, supplements, maybe you’re selling some drinks or whatever, this is your month to shine. You can create a bunch of campaigns around National Nutrition Month. Maybe you can even support some charity causes and create some sort of campaign around it.

    Be creative, this is your month to shine. It’s also National Women’s History Month, International Ideas Month, whatever it means. National Craft Month, and something that we’ll be celebrating internally, it’s Month of Luck. And this is something that we came up with at Flowium just because we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in March, maybe you can extend this holiday, so instead of one day, you can do like, a series of different fun events.

    Okay, so let’s go to the calendar. What do we have this month?

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    March Email Marketing Ideas

    March 1 – National Peanut Butter Lovers Day

    So let’s start. March 1st, and already a very promising beginning. So March 1st is your National Peanut Butter Lovers Day. Like, one day is definitely not enough to recognize peanut butter, but March 1st is an excellent idea to create some sort of fun content around peanut butter, because hey, everyone loves peanut butter, why not celebrate it, right?

    So maybe you can come up with a list of different fun recipes for peanut butter. Or if you are in the food industry and I don’t know, you’re selling cookies or ice cream or something, maybe you can release a peanut butter flavored product or maybe you can do a discount if you’re selling something like this.

    No matter what industry you are in, everyone loves peanut butter so why not create some sort of campaign around it?

    March 2 – Dr. Seuss Day

    March 2nd is Dr. Seuss Day. And if you don’t know who Dr. Seuss is, he’s a very famous children’s book writer. He’s the father of famous, “The Cat in the Hat.”

    So you can create some sort of campaign with his famous quotes, or like, back when I went to school, this was the day when we all were wearing like, pajamas to school. So maybe you can do something like wear pajama to work day and you can take pictures wearing pajamas with your team and then share it in the campaign, why not? Be creative.

    March 3 – National Employee Appreciation Day

    March 3, March 3rd is your National Employee Appreciation Day. And even though this is more like a brick and mortar holiday you can definitely do something fun with it in eCommerce, and especially in the emails. Why not use this holiday to introduce your customers to your team?

    For example, you can do something like a featured employee of the month, and you can talk about your employee of the month. Or maybe you can introduce your customers to your customer support people who are working with your customers all the time. Like, putting the human face behind the brand is like, super, super important.

    Especially considering how much people are spending online these days, so just like, having this, putting this real person behind the brand, it can do wonders to your brand. So use it, March 3rd, National Employee Appreciation Day.

    March 4 – National Grammar Day

    March 4th, to be honest, it’s not my favorite, not my favorite holiday. But who knows, maybe that’s something that your customers would enjoy a lot. So it’s National Grammar Day. Again, you can create something fun around grammar. Maybe you can misspell some words and ask your customers to find the grammar mistakes in the email, and whoever finds it first will get a discount, or something like that.

    To be honest, it’s not my favorite holiday because English is not my first language so I struggle with English grammar and spelling a lot, but you can definitely come up with some super fun ideas for this holiday.

    March 7 – Cereal Day

    This is a fun one as well. The National Peanut Butter Day, the Cereal Day, yeah maybe you can create some sort of, like a promotion or five random recipes using cereal. You know what to do with it, I’m just gonna give you some random fun ideas.

    March 8 – Women’s Day

    Now March 8 is a really big one. I think it’s not as big here in the States, or as it is in Europe, because where I am from, this is like a huge, huge celebration. But North American brands started doing a lot of promotions for March 8 as well.

    So for example, for one of my supplement brands that I work with, we will be doing the promotions for women’s health supplements. Or even if you are not in the women’s health industry, you can do something like site wide promotions.

    So you can purchase the gift for the woman that you, for the special woman in your life, or something like that. Or 99% off to treat yourself this Women’s Day. Be creative, this is a big holiday.

    People start creating a lot of content around it, and if you need inspiration, personally I really love this website called reallygoodemails.com, I think it’s .com. So yeah, just go ahead and see what other people are doing, that’s an excellent, excellent time to do some sort of site side promotion.

    March 9 – Popcorn Lovers Day

    Another fun little silly holiday. Maybe share some fun recipes or review some sort of popcorn brands or something like that.

    March 12 – Daylight Savings Day

    March 12 is an important one. It’s Daylight Savings Day. So that’s when we will be changing our clocks. So if you are, again, if you are in the supplements industry and that’s something that I will be personally creating for my clients, you can do some sort of campaign about the supplements that can help you adjust to new time.

    Or if you are not in the supplement industry, if you are in any other industry, maybe you can just create something like a little reminder, just like, to show that you care. Also, if you are in UK, it’s Mother’s Day.

    Here in Canada and in the States, we celebrate it in May. But if you are in the UK, this is a big one for you people so don’t forget to create some sort of promotions or gift guides for Mother’s Day.

    March 14 – Organize Your Home Office Day

    Now, March 14 is a really good one too. Especially because right now, we all, or most of us work from home anyways. So March 14 is the Organize Your Home Office Day. So if you are in the home organization industry, this is definitely your day to shine.

    Do some sort of promotions, or do some sort of referral programs or something like that. Even if you are not in the organizational industry you can still create a lot of helpful and insightful content that will be still relevant to your customer. ‘Cause I’m always there for some useful and interesting tips. So maybe you can come up with some sort of campaign where you will be reviewing top five, like space organizational hacks, or something like that.

    March 16 – Giant Panda Bear Day

    March 16 is a very random holiday. It’s Giant Panda Bear Day. And yes, I am a big fan of pandas. I haven’t decided what I like more, baby panda or baby penguin and this is the discussion that we always have on our podcast.

    By the way, if you haven’t subscribed to our podcast go ahead and subscribe. It’s a really cool place where we have a ton of good guests and we talk about all things email marketing.

    So Giant Panda Bear Day. Ah, just go crazy with it. I’m not gonna tell you what to do with this holiday, but you can definitely be creative with it.

    March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day and World Sleep Day

    March 17 is the big one in the eCommerce industry.

    It’s St. Patrick’s day so regardless of whether you are Irish or not, in the eCommerce industry, this is actually a big one. I read somewhere that in 2020 consumers spent like, worldwide, they spent something over $6 billion on St. Patrick’s day.

    So like, different merch, celebratory items, food, festivities and stuff like that. Even though this year, St. Patrick’s Day might look a bit different, you can still come up with some creative ideas for this holiday.

    So for example, if you are selling some green items, if you are an apparel or fashion segment, you can go X percent off of all of our green stuff. Or maybe you have some special product to release dedicated to this day. So definitely create, if you find campaigns around St. Patrick’s Day, this is a big, big marketing holiday so don’t miss it. And don’t limit yourself to one day.

    You can create a series of different emails, maybe like a pre-St. Patrick’s day sale on 15 and 16, and then on 17, you can do the initial St. Patrick’s Day sale and then maybe a few reminders on like, 18 and 19. Don’t limit yourself to one email, that’s for sure.

    March 17th is World Sleep Day. It’s a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep.

    So again, you can create a ton of content with some useful tips on how to sleep smarter, how to sleep better. If you’re selling some sort of supplements like sleep supplements, do some kind of promotion. So maybe like a discount or buy one get one free. Or maybe ask your customers to share their favorite sleep hacks or something like that.

    March 20 – First day of Spring

    March 20th, officially it’s the first day of Spring. Yay, the day that we all are waiting for so badly. So yeah, just like celebrating it.

    Create some sort of fun campaigns around different activities for spring, or if you are selling clothing you can talk about five spring trends in fashion and apparel. Or if you are selling supplements, gosh, why do I talk so much about supplements today?

    But whatever, regardless, if you are selling supplements maybe you can come up with a list of the best supplements to help you with spring allergies and stuff like that. Then also, on March 20th we will be celebrating Twitter’s 15th birthday.

    Can you believe that Twitter is already like, 15 years old? Yes, maybe you can do some sort of like, Twitter contest, or create some sort of special hashtag that people can reuse on Twitter, and create some sort of activity on Twitter.

    March 23 – National Puppy Day

    Then March 23rd, it’s National Puppy Day and who does not love puppies? Do something fun for this day. Even if you’re not in the pet industry necessarily you can still create some kind of fun campaign.

    Maybe do our top five favorite puppy memes. Or maybe you have an office puppy, or maybe someone in your team has a puppy that you want to share. And even better, you can actually ask your customers to tag you in their puppy’s posts on Instagram and then you can reuse that content in the future. That’s a good call to user generated content. Why not use it on March 23rd which is National Puppy Day.

    March 25 – Earth Hour Day

    And also, on March 25 is your Earth Hour Day. And Earth Hour Day is basically the day when millions of people around the world switch off their lights and turn off their devices for the entire hour in support of nature and our planet.

    So even some big organizations and some big like, famous buildings like Sydney Opera House or like Eiffel Tower and stuff like that, they will be dark for an hour in support of nature and our planet.

    So March 25. Last year I remember what I did for one of my clients, we had like, 10 random ideas on how to celebrate this Earth Hour. So one of them was having a candlelight dinner, or just like, making candles at home or going to bed early. A really cool and creative holiday so you can be very creative on March 25.

    March 26 – Make Your Own Holiday Day

    March 26th is Make Your Own Holiday Day and I don’t know why, but for some reason, I’m really, really happy about this holiday. So basically, this is the day when you can make up any holiday that you want. I don’t know, maybe you can do like, a Stay Up Late Day. Or Make Your Own Dance Day, or whatever day.

    Whatever Day actually sounds pretty good. So March 26 is the day for you to come up with your own fun holiday. So if you are, even if you are in a very like, unique industry, you can come up with your own holiday in March 26. March 27, Passover begins at sundown so if you have a big Jewish people segment, just like, congratulate them or something like that.

    March 29 –  Pop Business Owner Day

    March 29 is Pop Business Owner Day and this is a big one, especially if you are a small business.

    So maybe you can do some sort of promotion in order to thank your customers, that they are supporting your little business. Or even better, maybe some of your customers are business owners themselves, so you can do like, the cross-promotions.

    You can promote your customer businesses on your channels, while they can promote your business on their channel. This is a really nice little opportunity for you to do the shout-out to your community, to thank them for supporting your business. and also to cross-promote your customer’s businesses

    March 30 – National Doctors Day

    This is a National Doctors Day. So last year on March 30th, I remember that one of my clients donated a portion of all of their sales on that day to some sort of, the organization to support doctors. And yeah, so this is a beautiful opportunity for you to show your appreciation to doctors, especially in times of the pandemic.

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