Migrate from Bronto to Klaviyo

With Bronto closing down, it’s important to find the right new platform for your store and have an experienced partner guide you through that transition.
Flowium is here to ensure a fast and secure transfer of your email data to Klaviyo, the market leader in eCommerce email marketing.

Hassle-free Data Transfer in Just 2 Weeks

Switching to a new email marketing platform can be messy.
It takes an experienced hand to move all existing contacts, build new templates, and set up new sign-up forms without losing any data.
Flowium is one of the few agencies trusted to perform migrations to Klaviyo. 
And we’re to make your transition to the new platform smooth and integration with your store seamless, so you can start using Klaviyo in just 2 weeks.

Who Are We?

Flowium is a full-service eCommerce email marketing agency. 

We know email marketing strategy (and the technology that powers it) inside and out, and we lean on that expertise to help you achieve your growth targets. 

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Integrating your online store with Klaviyo


Installing Klaviyo tracking

Full Set-up

Includes contacts, essential flows, templates, and sign-up forms

Quick Turnaround

Complete the entire
migration process in just 2 weeks

What’s Included

Flowium takes care of your entire migration process – all we need is access to your email marketing software.

We integrate your store with Klaviyo, install Klaviyo tracking, and migrate content from your current platform without losing or corrupting any important details.

We also migrate up to three of your favorite templates, create and launch three flows (note: copy and design aren’t included), and create up to three different sign-up forms.


We’ve tested and optimized our migration process so we can guarantee fast consistent results

Complete your payment

Select the option that works best for you (listed below) and submit your payment to get started

Grant Flowium access to your software

Grant us admin access to your current email software and your Klaviyo account, so our team could get to work

Sit back and enjoy the results

That’s all you need to do — we’ll take it from here. Once the migration is complete, you’ll be able to start using your new Klaviyo account right away

Package One-pager

Need to talk to your team about this package? Download this one-pager with an overview of every key migration feature

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Integration of Klaviyo with Your eCommerce Store
  • Setup of Klaviyo’s Active Onsite & Viewed Product Tracking
  • Migration of the Templates (up to 3)
  • Creation and Launch of 3 Key Flows:
    • – Welcome Series (3 emails)
    • Abandoned Cart (2 emails)
    • – Browse Abandonment (2 emails)
  • Creation of Highly Engaged Segment
  • Creation of Campaign Warming Schedule
  • To get the most out of the Browse Abandonment flow (and to better understand which products customers are viewing) we will add two small pieces of code to your site.

You’ll need to provide our team access to your eCommerce email marketing platform, Klaviyo, and your eCommerce store. That’s it!

We will create and launch three key flows that yield the highest ROI in the shortest amount of time (while also building your sender’s reputation):

 – Welcome Series (3 emails)
 – Abandoned Cart (2 emails)
 – Browse Abandonment (2 emails)

Note: Design and Copy aren’t included

Up to 3 templates. If you’d like to migrate more, please schedule a call with us to discuss.

We’ll migrate up to 3 signup forms and get them connected to your website. If you’d like to migrate more forms, please schedule a call with us.

We’ll work directly with your developers to ensure a seamless integration of your store with Klaviyo. In all other cases, we will do the integration ourselves.

We will design and offer you a campaign warmup strategy. Implementation of the strategy is not included in this package.

Migrate from Bronto to Klaviyo today

If you’d like to receive your results ASAP, choose the expedited migration.

If you’re not in a hurry, choose our standard package that offers the same results with a slightly longer turnaround time.


$ 2250
  • We handle everything
  • Ready in 2 weeks
  • Video Explanation


$ 1500
  • We handle everything
  • Ready in 1 month
  • Instant access