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How to keep selling after Holidays: 5 winning strategies

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Every year after Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, eCommerce sales start to drop.

    While it’s normal and there’s not a lot you can do to stop it from happening completely (‘tis the season), there are a few things you can do to make that drop not as extreme.

    In this video, we’re sharing 5 strategies you can use to keep your Black Friday momentum going.

    – Four winning strategies, how to keep selling after black Friday and cyber Monday. Hey, is this Andriy Founder of Flowium email marketing agency. And in today’s video, I would like to show you, talk about four strategies and actually the first one, the bonus one about how to keep selling after black Friday and cyber Monday. Typically, typically for majority of online retailers and probably physical retailers, but I’m not familiar with that area. As sales goes like that, rising like towards black Friday, cyber Monday. And it’s like, dropped December, January and February. So let’s think together and I will share our knowledge how you can maybe not drop, but maybe it will decline, but not as much. So the first strategy start another sale, but be creative. Do not repeat what you did for black Friday, cyber Monday, do something unique, something special. Last week, last Thursday, Alyssa, she posted a video about campaigns you can sell during December. So watch that video please, and you will get ideas, what kind of sale you can create. It’s very simple strategy, strategy number one, just do another sale. However, majority of retailers they give up after black Friday and cyber Monday, because they’re exhausted. It’s such a hard busy season and you do a lot of work and you’re exhausted. And I’m like, okay, I’m like, I’m sick and tired of this campaigns, marketing, all of that hustle. And they give up and their sales in parallel will decline. That’s why you need to keep pushing,. Keep pushing so your sales are not declining as much. Strategy number two is good especially for those people who do not like to provide sales or do sales or discounts, is for loyalty programs. So when you have a loyalty program, in case you don’t, I highly recommend to you smile.io I believe it’s their, first plan starts for free. You can join them for free to test it. And if you have a loyalty program in December, January, or doesn’t matter like what timeline you want to pick to provide more incentives when they join loyalty program or when they buy. You can provide them two X points for every dollar they spend, or you can increase a number of points if they join the loyalty program. There’s two things, you will kill two birds with one stone. First, you will increase sales, and second, you will increase number of subscribers to your loyalty program. Number three, referrals program. Increase the dollar amount or percentage of discount for people when they refer somebody to your business. You know it’s very expensive to get a new client, but when your customers recommend your brand, your product to others, it will be much, much cheaper for you and more beneficial because those new customers will trust your brand more because somebody else they know recommended your company and your brand. But to do that, you need to give them something extra. For example, if you do right now, like give 10 and receive $10, you can do give 15, receive 15 or give 20 and receive 20. However, you have to talk about it, you have to promote it. You need to explain how does it work and so forth so people can benefit from it. Person who receives their friends and family benefits from that. And in parallel, you will benefit from it. And strategy number four is to release a new product. So if you planning to release new product in near future, so December, January is the best time since sales typically goes down. It’s the best time for you to release, to have that spike in sales. Oh, and now is bonus strategy, strategy number five is typically, it’s only for brands who sell something related to health, fitness, productivity, and that kind of stuff. Why, majority of people, majority of people do their new year’s resolutions, they plan their next year until December 31st, midnight. Almost everybody feels like it’s old me in the new year, I’ll be the new one. I will quit smoking, I will eat better, I will exercise and so forth. Unfortunately, it’s not always the truth. However, as a marketer, as a retailer, you should capitalize on that. For companies who does not have the kind of products, their biggest sale is black Friday, cyber Monday. However, if you have one of those products you sell, your biggest sales has to start from like December 15 to probably to February. Why? Because you have to push hard, you should push hard. Like you, the new you and it’s normal. It’s normal why, it’s normal because some people might really transform. Like they might get better, there are some who will fail. It’s normal, it’s life. However, some of your customers might benefit from your product, and they will transform. So you have to push it hard, to sell, sell, sell, do promotion, do what I listed before loyalty program, referral program. Anything you can to capitalize on that moment because there’s something magical in that moment. People want to change. So help them change with your product. So I just covered four strategy and the bonus one. In case you have any additional questions, please let me know if you’re a first time on this channel, please click subscribe, and hit on the button so you will get notification about every video we release and thank you all very much.
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