“Why aren’t my emails working?”

You’ve heard that emails should be the most inexpensive and top converting channel for eCommerce. 

That’s why you went all in – you’ve A/B tested your subject lines, rallied up your designer team, and created an offer your customers can’t ignore.

Yet, your open and click-through rates are still below the industry average. Your emails are not generating the revenue your business deserves but you can’t seem to pinpoint the issue. 

One crucial yet often overlooked aspect of email marketing is its deliverability. That means, your copy and design prowess won’t matter if your emails end up in the junk folder. 

So how can you make sure your emails are actually getting to your customers’ inboxes? Tune in for today’s highly anticipated episode with a very special guest, Francis Baker, Senior Deliverability and Compliance Specialist at Klaviyo.

About today’s guest 

Francis has worked on the ground floor and helped build Klaviyo’s sending infrastructure and deliverability monitoring tools over the past 3+ years. He has helped 1,000’s of senders fight their way out of the spam folder and continues to leverage his expertise as he learns and grows with the Deliverability & Compliance community.

You’ll learn  

  • The most common technical mistakes businesses make when starting out with email marketing
  • How to stop your emails from ending up in the spam folder
  • How and where to check your email deliverability
  • Red flags that tell you your deliverability is off 
  • Must-have tech tools every brand should set up to improve email deliverability
  • What spam traps are and how to avoid them 
  • Growing your email list – best practices 
  • Spam bots and what to do about them 


Some of the questions we ask:

  • What is email deliverability? How is email deliverability calculated?
  • What is a sender’s reputation? How to check my sending reputation?
  • What are the key points that influence email deliverability and your reputation as a sender?
  • How can you train inbox providers to recognize you as a “good” sender if you are just starting with email marketing?
  • What is list scrubbing and how can I do it for my email list?


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