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#147. Using RFM Segmentation to Personalize the Customer Journey

Written by Vira Sadlak
3 min read

RFM segmentation is a customer segmentation technique used in marketing to analyze and rank customers based on their past purchase behavior. The acronym RFM stands for: 

  • Recency: How recently a customer has made a purchase
  • Frequency: How often a customer makes purchases
  • Monetary Value: How much money a customer has spent

Listen to the episode and learn how to use RFM segmentation to personalize your customer journey!

You’ll learn

  • What is RFM Segmentation? What does it stand for?
  • How to encourage your customers to take action this Black Friday / Cyber Monday
  • How to make the most of your market with foolproof segmentation methods 
  • Use recency, frequency, and AOV to prioritize your customers
  • What tools and processes to use for analyzing data and perfecting your segmentation strategy

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