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Klaviyo Visual Flow builder is a new feature that makes the process of composing the Flow much easier. Before in Klaviyo you had to use logic to build automation in it. Now you can do the same but in a visual form, so it is more user-friendly.

In this post, I will show you this Klaviyo feature. You can watch the video below or follow the post with a short description.

It’s easier for us to understand visually than to describe in words. Usually before I explain my email marketing strategy to clients I draw diagrams to show them what I will make and how it would improve their marketing.

Build the First Flow

  1. Go to the Flows.
  2. Create the Flow and name it.

How to Add Subscribers

First of all, we need to define how we would add subscribers to this Flow. There are a couple of options: Subscribe to List, Join a Segment, Take an Action.

Take an Action

  1. Click on Take an Action and filter out the kind of action you want to implement.

For example, I choose Place Order action. You can find there more filters for Trigger and Flow. Klaviyo did not change those features much, but made it more visual.

      2. Click Save and Done after you setup all features.

Choose Components for Your Flow

  1. Drag tab with a component you need to the Flow chain.
  2. There you can add Time Delay, Email, Conditional Split or Trigger Split.

Time Delay

This component gives you an opportunity to delay your Flow for a particular time. This tab will be highlighted until you set up time in a left column.   


This tab in the Flow will manage sending emails to your clients. You can also adjust all features of future email:

  1. Click Configure Content button.
  2. Choose Template, make all necessary changes and Save Content.  
  3. Now you have your email in draft mode. To change the status go to the left and switch it to Manual.
  4. Click Done.  

Conditional Split

This component in the Visual Flow builder gives a chance to create two distinct paths in a Flow with a defined characteristics of your recipients. Here you can be as creative as you want.

  1. Drag tab with Conditional Split component.
  2. Setup all configuration in the left column.

For example, let’s do Order Product Value – $500. In the next action there would be splitting for YES or NO. Then you can add any action for each distinct path.

Let’s put different Time Delay for each – just drag the correct tab to the Flow. And add different Emails. Now we have two paths. If clients ordered products for more than $500 they will receive Email #1 and if less – Email #2.

Trigger Split – new

This component creates two distinct paths in a flow based on a different characteristic of the Flow Trigger.

  1. Drag the Trigger Split component from the sidebar and drop it where you would like to create this split. You will automatically get a YES and NO path below it.
  2. Adjust few options in the left column.  

Additional Functions


If you want to delete any of your actions, just click on the right corner of the tab you want and choose Delete.


For Conditional Split and Trigger Split you can flip YES or NO path with all content below. Just click on the right corner of the tab you want and choose Flip.


Click on Show Analytic button to check all statistical data.

This was overview of new Klaviyo Visual Flows builder. Klaviyo is the most powerful platform for email marketing and I recommend it to all my clients. This visual editor will helps clients and companies to build better email marketing.

You can also watch a video with the same information below: