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Hubspot for Email Automation: A Look at How to Use it, and its Advantages and Disadvantages

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Converting leads into paying customers is a challenge faced by all online marketers. But reaching out to every lead individually can be a taxing job.

    So the use of email automation is a powerful way to create relationships with potential clients or customers and to make them feel you are speaking directly to them rather than just sending them an impersonal, generic email.

    For this reason, your email automation workflow needs to be highly evolved and tailored to not only successfully reach your customers, but to make your job as user-friendly as possible.

    Hubspot email automation lets you spend less time on data entry, and more time on doing what you do best…that is, growing your business.

    What is Hubspot?

    Hubspot is an inbound sales and marketing platform that companies can use to:

    • Attract visitors to their online marketplace
    • Convert leads and enquiries into completed purchases
    • Help customers re-engage with their incomplete transactions.

    The platform includes tools that allow its users to:

    • Host their business’ websites and landing pages
    • Create blogs
    • Manage interactions with their customers
    • Set up email automation workflows.

    The Hubspot platform is divided up into separate groups of tools – or “Hubs”, hence the name – which can be purchased separately according to the individual needs of the business.

    When the full suite of tools are combined, they work synergistically to manage a business’ entire marketing, sales, and support programs.

    Why Does a Business Need Software Like Hubspot Email Automation?

    An email workflow is a series of automated messages that are sent to a client or a customer, based on their browsing behavior, contact information, or product preferences.

    These emails are designed to accomplish goals such as:

    • Encouraging a customer to complete a purchase
    • Return for further purchase
    • Consider making additional purchases
    • Reconsider an unsuccessful transaction.

    With Hubspot email automations, send attractive emails to your subscribers.

    Setting up and creating Hubspot email automation is very simple, and, in fact, the platform specializes in this form of marketing.

    So now let’s take a look at the steps you need to use in order to automate your Hubspot email workflow.

    How to Create a Hubspot Automated Email

    Once you have signed up to a Hubspot package that suits your business, you will find that Hubspot’s extensive tutorial section (called the Knowledge Base) has plenty of information and advice about how to use their service.

    You have the choice of using their Standard Email Editor, or the more customizable Drag and Drop Editor.

    The platform also has a Workflow Editor function where you can create simple automated emails.

    Regular Editor for Hubspot Email Automation

    In your Hubspot account navigate to “Marketing” then “Email”:

    • Click on the dialogue box and then select “Template”
    • Enter an email name and click “Create Email”
    • After you have composed and set up the email you click the Recipient’s tab and ensure that “Saved for Automation” is selected
    • Once this is done, you click “Next” and review your email settings
    • Finally, you click “Save for Automation” once again to publish the automated email.

    Hubspot Email Automation with Drag and drop editor

    To create an automated email in this editor, follow these steps:

    • First, navigate to “Marketing” then “Email”. From the upper right panel, click “Create Email” then select “Automated” from the dialogue box
    • Click on “Drag and Drop” and select a template then compose your email and ensure that the email is set to “Automated” in the “Send” dialogue box
    • To publish the email, click “Review and Save” then “Save for Automation”.

    The Automated Editor

    Emails created using this option have a basic appearance, but can be customized further in the email editor.

    To create an automated email in the workflow tool:

    • Navigate to “Automation” and then “Workflows”
    • Choose an existing workflow or create a new one then click the plus icon (+) to add a workflow action
    • Select the Send Email option then the Create New Email option
    • Enter the details of your email then click the Email Tool button at the top of the panel to enable you to further customize your email.
    • Once you have composed your email, select Save Email. This email is now stored to be used in any workflow you need it for.

    Advantages of Hubspot for Email Automation

    Like all platforms, Hubspot has some key advantages that attract users to it, and a few disadvantages that may make it a less obvious choice for some businesses.

    Let’s start off by looking at the main advantages of Hubspot.

    Optimized for the Small Screen

    These days, a large percentage of online business is conducted using smartphones.

    So your business’s content needs to be optimized for those small screens.

    Otherwise, your customers are simply going to drift off elsewhere and find a site that they can easily peruse on their device.

    Hubspot’s software automatically optimizes your content and automated emails for your customer’s gadgets. You don’t have to do a thing.

    Synced Up

    Many companies suffer from a “silo” mentality, where different departments don’t communicate with each other.

    Hubspot’s Content Optimization System and CRM tools work hand-in-hand to create seamless marketing strategies across your entire organization.

    This means that sales and management teams have access to real-time data without that time-consuming repeat research and information tracking.

    That way you can all get together for long lunches, instead of working against each other in your different silos.

    All in One

    Marketing tools and marketing channels are all located in the same place on the HubSpot platform, creating a more streamlined experience for your customers.

    Stay Inside the Lines

    Hubspot’s software has smart web pages, calls to action (CTAs), and forms that are tailored to suit each individual customer lead and the “pain points” that customers might experience.

    This enables you to personalize each customer’s sales experience so that they have no difficulty in following the path from initial research through to completed purchase.

    Choose Your Own Look

    Many CMS software platforms need somebody skilled in web development, or at least web design, in order to customize email automation.

    HubSpot makes it simple for your team to make changes as often as they like, and to make use of some robust analytical tools to evaluate how their marketing campaign is proceeding.

    But What About the Disadvantages of Hubspot?

    There’s a downside to everything and Hubspot is no exception. Among the factors that may make Hubspot a less successful option for some businesses are:

    Its Expensive… or, at least, it can be

    At first glance, HubSpot looks like it’s quite affordable. The Starter Plan, for instance, is just $50 a month.

    HubSpot offers limited features in its free version and it doesn’t take long before you have to start buying the more expensive plans in order to make full use of the platform.

    A Bit Inflexible

    Once you agree to a contract, such as a six or twelve-month plan, you are locked in for that period without any early cancellation options or refunds.

    So if you realize once you start using it, that HubSpot isn’t quite right for your business, it may be difficult and expensive to extricate yourself from your HubSpot contract.


    Some businesses will find that the HubSpot email templates can be complex to modify without knowledge of CSS.

    This can be just one extra hurdle to add to an already busy business management schedule.

    A/B testing

    Split testing, also known as AB testing, is a great way to determine which strategy is working for your company.

    If you are using HubSpot, you can only do this if you are using their professional package, which costs $800 per month.

    Talk Email Workflow Strategies With a Specialist

    Experts in the field of automated email workflow can help you decide which email workflow tool or email workflow system is right for your specific requirements.

    Hubspot can help design an email workflow template or provide email workflow management software that will make your life much easier.

    It will also enhance your market research and send the correct messages to your customers in order to guide them through their particular customer journey.

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