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How to optimize your email in Klaviyo to increase the revenue

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, I will show you a small change you can make to see the immediate result in your revenue increase.

    The change is to update your logo link from a generic home page to the specific page where you want to send people.

    The experience your customers have with your business doesn’t stop once they make a purchase. What comes next is similarly important if you want to secure future sales and maximize the revenue you gain per customer. Here’s everything you need to know about improving the post purchase customer journey, from expert insights to actionable advice. Give it a read and find out why writing post purchase emails is important and how to build a bond with your customers that keeps them coming back for more.

    The Importance of the Client’s Perspective

    To understand why a customer’s post purchase journey is so important, you’ll need to step into their shoes. These days, your target markets are overloaded with choice and have access to countless buying options. In such an environment, it’s not just the products that are likely to sway the consumer – the service they receive is also of the utmost importance. After your customer has made a purchase, they will be expecting to be kept in the loop. Bear in mind that they have just parted with money and personal information to buy your product. So, it’s important you keep them informed and let them know that your company is on hand to deal with any issues relating to their purchase. Beyond the more practical aspects of the post purchase customer journey, there is the potential to go the extra mile. Give your target markets an incentive to shop with you again by providing them with well-targeted, well-timed email flows that build up trust and keep your company at the forefront of their mind. 

    The Advantages of a Post Purchase Email Marketing Strategy

    There are some great advantages of creating a quality post purchase email campaign and marketing strategy.
    • Most notably, your consumers will be far more engaged. Post-purchase emails garner an impressive 40.5% average open rate, so they offer a great opportunity to get into your customers’ good books. 
    • As a direct result of increased engagement, sales are likely to skyrocket. Companies that put great post purchase customer service front and center have been found to generate 2.4 times more revenue than they did previously. That sort of increase is not to be sniffed at.

    Improving Your Customer’s Post Purchase Experience

    There are a few things you can do to achieve these sorts of boosts to your company’s numbers. So, if you want to improve the post purchase journey for your customers, follow these top tips.

    Thank You Notes

    As well as the standard confirmation emails, consider sending out thank you notes. These sorts of messages tend to be that bit more personal and make a much more favorable impression, showing that you value the customer and their engagement with your brand. To make your thank you notes as effective as possible, set up automated flows so that none of your customers get forgotten about. A thank you note to ameliorate the post purchase customer experience.

    New Suggestions  

    Sometimes, customers need inspiration before they’re tempted to shop with a brand again. So, why not send over some curated product suggestions based on their past browsing and buying history? 99% of companies who put this sort of personalization into action have reported that it helps to advance customer relationships. Strong customer relationships are far more likely to encourage loyalty in the long term.

    Calm Delivery Anxiety

    Your customers need to know they can trust you at every stage of the post purchase journey. Shoppers will, inevitably, have some anxiety around whether their item will arrive or be right for them, particularly if they’ve never shopped with you before. Confirm the delivery and ameliorate the purchase customer experience. You can calm that anxiety by sending out relevant communications, confirmations, and updates. Or, to take it one step further, you could also assure them that a refund will be available if there is a problem and signpost contact details for your customer service representatives. 

    The Power of the Post Purchase Customer Journey Strategy

    Any eCommerce company stands to gain an awful lot if they make good use of the post purchase customer journey. By continuing to offer excellent customer service even after making a sale, your brand can build trust and continue to engage shoppers far into the future. The impact on sales can be considerable.

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    Hi, this is Andriy from Email Marketing NYC and today I’ll show you one tip, one trick that I use for many clients and is very successful. When I did a lot of audits of Klaviyo accounts, I noticed one thing: a lot of people putting their logo, their company logo at the top of email and the most clickable place where people clicking. and the most clickable place where people clicking. Sometimes it’s not the most, but there are a lot of, big percentage of people are clicking on that logo. And in general, like 95% of people are putting just homepage of their website. Either it’s abandoned cart, email, is it different kind of email in browser or abandonment promo email, doesn’t matter. People putting just homepage. And this is how people are losing money. Because if you have a promo, you have to direct to promo page. Especially if you have abandoned cart, instead of just directing them to homepage, you can drive them to checkout page where they left a product they wanted to buy, but they didn’t finish the purchase. So I will show you right now the quick example. Let’s go to “abandoned cart”. Let’s go to “view analytics”. So click on “link”. There it is. And go “visual”. As you can see, 6% of clicks are on this link 6% of clicks are on this link and it goes directly to the homepage. So in this case, what I did just to show the client difference what I did just to show the client difference for A/B split test, I inserted the URL for “abandon the cart”. It will increase number of orders because we are directing people to the right place. So this is just a quick video where I just want to show you how one small change can increase your revenue. Instead of inserting link to your homepage, insert to specific pages: to use a promo or abandoned cart or browser or abandoned product. So it’s up to you where you’re sending them, but do not send them to homepage. The homepage is very generic unless you don’t know where to send them to, send them to home page. But I highly recommend if you have a logo in your email at the top, please add unique links where you’re sending your visitors, subscribers. Please subscribe to my YouTube channels. I’ll be releasing more and more Klaviyo videos where I find new things, when I learn new things, what’s working and not working for my client, and I would like to share it with you so you can learn yourself and increase revenue for your business. Thank you. It was Andriy from Email Marketing NYC. Bye.

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