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How to edit a preference page?

Written by Bobi Nikolovski
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    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – you need an email preference page if you want to keep your subscribers on your list and keep them happy. But when you create it, it’s important to not just “set and forget”. As you learn more about your customers, you can and should experiment with it adding new elements and deleting the ones that are irrelevant. In this episode, we share step-by-step instructions on how to edit your preference page.
    – Hello. So, on how to edit the existing preference page that looks like this. So how to edit the interests, how to add new interests and how to remove a section or an interest. So for this preference page that we have, we have this code here and here are the- this is the email address field, the first name, and then here, the interest starts. So it starts from here. We have new products, releases, promotions and sales and latest from the block. So see, those are the three options that you have. In case you want to, let’s say, remove some of those. So let’s say we want to remove the new product releases. What we need to do is, where it says label, go one field above label where it says division. And then also one field below where it says label, the end of the division, and just remove that part, click save and now if we refresh here, we will see that one of the fields, ‘new products’ was removed. So I removed it. I moved it back here, that new product. So if you refresh now, it will be back, but let’s say we want to add a new field, then it’s the same. So we go one field above label, take the code. And the end of the division, we copy that one. And for example, we want to add it below these three options. So let’s say we go again, label division. This is where this option is finishing. So below that option, starting on the same line rather than another one. And then in this new one, for example, we want to say ‘Error’. Let’s say this is for people who are interested in everything. So we change the name of what we will see on the front of the preference page. And then on the back end, we, for example, we need to put this, everything to the fields that will be updated in Klaviyo. So for this everywhere, when you see these parenthesis, inside of them, so first change it from your releases, ‘Everything’. And that would be it. And to this one also. So the value. There are four places where you need to change it, one where the name is, and then one for the value and then two times in the code. So those four changes. And now if you save, we will see a new field, ‘Everything’. And when people check this, they will get the property, ‘Everything’. Yeah, that is how to add a new filter, how to change the settings on the background. So everything works in Klaviyo. And for example, if you want to remove the whole interest section, you just go take the whole interest section. And it starts from the title, it’s ‘interest’. One division before that. So here it is. and it ends here, before the next division for the next- for the frequencies start. So we take this out, just remove it, save this and now if we refresh, the interests will be removed. In case we wanted the interests to be here, but to remove the frequencies, then we do that for the frequencies. Just select them, take them out, click save and now we will see just the interests. And if you move them back here and reverse, we will see everything again. So that is how to edit settings in the back-end of the code for this preference page. That will be it, thanks.
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