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How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page: 3 Tips

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    3 tips How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page / The Instagram Explore page is a powerful feature for brands — it’s designed to help profiles and businesses gain more engagement and exposure on Instagram.

    The Instagram Explore page comprises posts liked by people whose posts you’ve liked, posts from accounts similar to those that you follow, and posts with high engagement

    Instagram is a great platform to get started. Specifically because of its very low barrier to entry. The organic reach is still there and whether you’re in agency, whether you want to spread your message online, whether you are a personal brand and you want to go social media and Instagram is where the attention is, so you need to be on Instagram.

    What is Instagram the explore page?

    So the Instagram explore page is Instagram’s way to recommend content to you. Every social media platform has some way where they recommend content to you. YouTube has the recommended page, TikTok has the For You page, Instagram’s version of that is the explore page.

    So based on what you’re liking and commenting on, Instagram will suggest posts that it thinks are interesting to you. And that’s how creators grow on Instagram.

    Tip #1 – Try to get engagement from big creators

    So tip number one is try to get engagement from big creators. So if you can get big creators to like and comment on your posts, if you can get big creators to add to their story, if you can get bigger creators who have that Instagram recognizes our big creators, that’ll help your posts out, whether they just engage with it, whether they comment with it.

    Not only will other people see that hey, but a big creator is also liking and commenting on this post. I mean it’s probably valuable, but that extra engagement helps a lot for the algorithm. And the benefits are pretty big there. So try to get big creators, tag them in the comments, try to get them to engage with your posts.

    How big should they be?

    There’s no rule of thumb when you’re just getting started. It’s hard to get people with millions of followers to comment on your posts. So the way I think about it, again there’s no magic formula, but it’s just kind of what people have observed. It’s kind of like a gradient. So the bigger creator, obviously the bigger the impact, but I’d recommend you start small and slowly increase the creators that you’re trying to engage with.

    Should it be like in your specific nature?

    Yes, absolutely. There’s no use if you’re posting what pets to target someone who’s playing soccer, you got to remain niche. You got to you know, engage with people who are in your niche because they will be able to provide value to you and you’re gonna be able to provide value to them. So definitely stay within your niche.

    Tip #2 – Be engaged with as many accounts as possible

    Yes, so tip number two is kinda similar to tip number one, but it’s just gonna be engaged with as many accounts as possible. When you engage with other accounts, when you like people’s posts, when you comment on people’s posts, when you start following people, when you start direct messaging people, those people will return the favor. When you’re small, it’s hard to get a lot of engagement.

    The only thing you can do to get engagement is to engage with others. So you’ve got to start following people. You’ve got to start liking with people, you’ve got to engage with other accounts because then they will come to your account, they will see your recent posts and they will start to engage with you, which means you know, the Instagram explore page values engagement.

    So what they’re gonna see all the new engagement and they’re gonna say, “Hey, this post maybe interesting, so let’s go ahead and recommend that.” So yeah, tip number two is engaged with others and try to get as much engagement on your posts as possible.

    Tip #3 – Add value to your niche

    Tip number three is gonna be pretty simple. It’s gonna be add value to your niche. Whatever it is you got to make sure that you are somehow adding value. Look at what’s doing well in your niche and find what people are finding valuable. Let me try to think of an example.

    If you’re in the cooking niche, you know, try to post videos of trending, you know, whatever recipes and show people how to, you know, cool little tips, whatever it is, try to add value and try to find things that people engage with that people find valuable because that’s how you grow on any social media platform.

    Whether you’re an agency, you know, you want to provide value to your clients, maybe you’re a personal brand, you want to be able to provide value to your audience. So find what does well, find what people find valuable and try to replicate that kind of content and put your own spin on it.

    Does geo-tagging helps to get on the explore page as well?

    With geo-tagging I’d say it depends on the type of business. If you are a local business, right? You own a mom-and-pop shop, you own a little retail store in your town, then you should be saying hashtag you know, Chicago you should be tagging your posts with that location. But if you’re like an e-commerce store, it doesn’t really matter what the location is. Then I’d say it doesn’t really matter because you’re gonna want to be attracting customers from everywhere, not just a particular place. So I’d say learn what type of business you are and based on that, take the appropriate action.

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