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#126. How Direct Mail Can Help Your eCommerce Business

Written by Vira Sadlak
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Is direct mail marketing a thing of the past? This week, our host Vira Sadlak talks with Michael Epstein of PostPilot to discuss how direct mail marketing remains a highly effective marketing channel. With increasing digital fatigue, brands can utilize direct mail marketing to retain, win back, and acquire customers.

Tune in to learn about PostPilot, and how your eCommerce business could benefit from direct mail marketing.

About today’s guest 

Michael Epstein is an eCommerce marketing expert and Co-Founder of PostPilot, the company making direct mail as easy as email for DTC.

Connect with Michael here: michael@postpilot.com

What’s PostPilot? 

PostPilot is direct mail made for DTC/eCommerce. This platform makes it a cinch to send one-off and lifecycle postcard marketing campaigns.

PostPilot cuts through the digital clutter. Their individually personalized cards get a nearly 100% read rate, typically for less than the cost of a click.

Hundreds of 7-9 figure customers (mostly Shopify/Shopify Plus stores like Bulletproof, Boom, Overtone.co, Taylor Stitch) consistently achieve 1000%+ ROIs on their campaigns, driving incremental revenue, LTV, and profits.

You’ll learn

  • What is PostPilot, and how does it work?
  • How direct mail marketing can help your eCommerce business
  • How to incorporate direct mail into your marketing strategy
  • The benefits of direct mail versus email and SMS marketing
  • Strategies for incorporating direct mail into your marketing strategy

Some of the questions we ask:

  • What is direct mail marketing?
  • How is direct mail marketing effective?
  • Which customers does this marketing strategy target?
  • How can direct mail marketing be used for customer acquisition?

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