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#21. Bot Takeover: How ManyChat Can Up Your Email Marketing Game

Written by Team Flowium
3 min read
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“Are Bots the future of marketing?”

If you’re in eCommerce you’ve probably heard: Bots are the future. And I would strongly disagree with that statement. Bot-powered commerce is ALREADY our modern-day reality.

Here are some mind blowing numbers.

According to Business Insider, the chatbot market size is projected to grow from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024. That’s a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.7 percent.

So if you are still wondering whether or not your eCommerce business should create a bot, you’re asking the wrong question.

Today, we have a very special guest Michelle Barnum Smith, who we will ask all the right questions about Bots.

Michelle builds and consults eCommerce and Amazon sellers on how to leverage the power of Facebook Messenger bots to grow their businesses.

About today’s guest 

Michelle is an Amazon Chatbot expert who helps you rank, launch, get reviews, and build your brand with chat marketing.

You’ll learn

  • What’s in store for Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook messenger strategies you can use in your eCommerce business today

Some of the questions we ask:

  • How can you grow your email list with a Facebook messenger bot? 
  • How can you recover lost sales (abandoned cart) with chatbots?
  • How to do upselling and cross-selling with chatbots? 
  • Is messenger marketing more effective than email marketing?
  • Will chatbots replace marketing completely one day?



Meet your hosts

Vira Sadlak​

Vira Sadlak​

Podcast host, marketer, traveller and a life lover from Vancouver, Canada

When she’s not at her computer, conquering the world of e-commerce email-marketing, you can find her climbing one of the Pacific Northwest Ranges.

Alternatively, try her email at vira@flowium.com, and she’ll probably shoot you back a list of her favorite cat videos.

Alissa Horta

Alissa Horta​

Alissa is an email marketer that is passionate about relevance!

Her main goal with all clients is to create a strategy and campaigns that are unique to the customer-base. Her favorite part of her role as an account manager with Flowium is to meet with her clients as she loves people. She lives with her husband and growing family in Boca Raton, FL.

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