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#71. How to Write Black Friday Subject Lines that Convert

Written by Vira and Alissa
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The Black Friday Saga continues this week on Email Einsteins. This might be our most important episode to boost your conversions this Black Friday. With more than 116 million emails going out on Black Friday alone, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos. A robust and unique subject line will get you noticed, and your emails opened.

In this episode, we’re sharing our five favorite styles of subject line that will be your best friend in 2021. We’ll give some examples of highly effective subject lines and break down why they work. We want you to get the most out of those precious 50 characters and stand out this Black Friday.

You’ll learn

  • Our five subject line strategies to boost open rates. 
  • How to use personalization, exclusivity, and discounts to engage your list. 
  • Some common mistakes to avoid like the dreaded grey box emoji.

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Vira: So today's topic is fun one. We will be discussing some good and bad Black Friday, Cyber Monday subject lines.

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Alissa: Hello, hello, everybody. Welcome to another episode of email Einstein, da da da, da. I feel like we need a jingle.

Vira: We need-

Alissa: Whenever we talk. As always, Vera and Alisa here. We are two email marketers at an email marketing agency called Flowium. We are super passionate about email marketing, and because we love what we do, we want to share our insights with you. Flowium is one of the fastest growing email marketing agencies in the world. We specialize in providing a premium, full service e-commerce email marketing experience for all of our clients. Our service is tailored specifically for your business and is designed to help increase your online retail revenue.

Alissa: We deliver the right message to the right person at the right moment. That's what we're all about here at Flowium. Thank you guys for joining us for another episode today, we appreciate it. The saga continues.

Vira: The saga. Yeah, I like how you call it. Yeah, it is saga, because it's already been what? Episode number four or five about Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

Alissa: Yeah, I think we're on our fourth or fifth.

Vira: And we have three more to come, so you guys you'll... By the time the Black Friday comes, you'll know everything about it. Yeah.

Alissa: Oh, that's amazing. I love it.

Vira: So today's topic is fun one. So we will be discussing some good and bad subject lines. So every year online spending during the holiday season reaches the new heights. So last year, for example, 116.5 million emails were sent on Black Friday. When I'm saying emails, I don't mean an email from your mom or grandma, marketing emails. And that's basically more than any other single day of the year, 117.5 million emails. This number is insane. And I think in reality it might be even higher. 106 million emails were sent on Cyber Monday, so almost as much as on Black Friday, slightly less, because not everyone is doing Cyber Monday. And 95 million emails were sent on Thanksgiving.

Alissa: Holy cow.

Vira: Yeah. But out of this three events, Black Friday emails saw the highest number of opens and links clicked. So out of this three holidays, Black Friday was the biggest one. And I mean, consumers are going to be receiving hundreds of emails on the day. They will be scanning hundreds of sales, hundreds of different messages from different brands, meaning that your subject lines have to be really, really good to convince them to open your campaigns. So today we grouped different types of subject lines in little groups, grouped them in groups. Good job here, yeah. Just to give you some ideas. What exactly can you say in your subject and preview and what's the good and what's the bad of the subject lines world.

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Vira: So Alissa, I know we've prepared something fun for the sneak peak category.

Alissa: Yeah. So here are some examples. Exclusive Black Friday deals, sneak peak. Be the first to shop our Black Friday deals. Dot, dot, dot, the sale is secret. Why wait until Black Friday? Access our sale early or access our sale early! So one of our favorites was from Dell a few years ago, which was, "You were chosen for our early Black Friday flyer."

Vira: I like the wording.

Alissa: Yeah. I do too. And it's a tongue twister too, which is always fun. So let's talk about why this subject line actually works. So first of all, Dell delivers this email four weeks before Black Friday, the actual sales started, which is interesting, because we've talked about this in our previous episodes about Black Friday sales getting earlier and earlier and earlier.

Alissa: And this subject line leads into a very clever tactic, which teases Dell's audience and shows them a sneak peek of Black Friday deals that are to come, and also upcoming Cyber Monday sales to come. And the cool thing about what Dell did is they use every word carefully to make it look like the subscriber specifically was selected for an exclusive first look. Now if you have 200 000 subscribers on your list, right, you're not going to go through and comb through every single one of those 200 000 people. You're probably going to create a segment that's going to auto generate and then you'll send to that list. But the way that the wording is used in this subject line is very specific, it makes the customer feel very exclusive, like they were hand selected for this particular sneak peak. And the use of the words, "You were chosen," it makes the message exciting, very personal.

Alissa: And as a result, Dell subscribers used this opportunity to open the email campaign and then they take a look at the deals that are just waiting for them specifically. So it's a combo of things, right, that are being used in here. So it's that early bird aspect of, "Hey, you can get in and get involved in what we're going to be doing in four weeks time, early," but also the exclusivity and the hand selection of you as a customer like, "I am choosing you as my special customer to come into my store before everyone else can, to see what we're going to be offering." And that's always nice. Right? You always want to feel you're special. So good job, Dell.

Vira: I like that subject line a lot.

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: I like it so much that I will literally go and change the subject line for one of my campaigns that I'm sending on Saturday to this one, because it's so good. I'm sure it's going to work really well. Yeah.

Alissa: Wow. Very good.

Vira: Yeah.

Alissa: I like it.

Vira: Because I already started sending some early bird campaigns for my clients. So literally three weeks before the sale, but they do perform so well, I'm so excited about it. It's a good subject line. Thank you Alissa.

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: Cool. So the second group is tried and true, true and tried, tried and true. Right?

Alissa: Tried and true. Tried and true.

Vira: Tried and true, yeah. Percentage discounts. Percentage discounts, they remain classic for Black Friday campaigns. I mean, some people love them, some people don't, but this subject lines, they do perform really well. Perhaps the easiest way to make your store more attractive to your customers, is to give them some sort of discount through a dollar discount or percentage discount. And really effective way to make your customer open that email is to be very direct and very clear about what you will offer in that email.

Vira: Tell subscribers exactly what you have for them in that email. What percentage is your discount? Maybe if you're offering a free shipping, mention it in subject line and preview text as well. What specific, I don't know, products or brands, if you're a multiple brand store. What are you selling? Your offer itself, it will do all the heavy lifting to attract the attention. And here are some subject lines, they are from back from 2019 and 20. But here are some subject lines that performed really well. Black Friday warning, 9,99 deals selling out quick.

Alissa: I love that.

Vira: That campaign actually had 50% open rate.

Alissa: Wow.

Vira: Well probably because of that warning. Word and aspect, right. And also they were very direct and clear about what you have for your customers in that email. 9,99 deals are selling out quick, and also that sense of urgency, right. Communicating that your stock is limited, that you have to buy something really quick.

Vira: Also this classical subject lines like, "Last chance to save up to 50% off." This also have amazing open rates and click through rate. Or if you are combining your promotion with some of your newsletter or something, you can say something like, "December newsletter and 25% off coupon," so that's a good subject line as well. In fact, I'm going to make myself a note here as well. I love research. I love researching those-

Alissa: Vira, you crack me up.

Vira: No, seriously, so many good stuff. I want to try them all out. I usually... When I send some sort of campaign, I usually have two subject lines and I do the... You know when you can basically test out, do the 80 tests on a smaller group and then send the winning variation to the rest of your list?

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: That's something that I've been doing lately a lot, and it's been working really well for me, especially around the holidays. Yeah. So here are a few more that I like from that same category, "Shop small and save 30% off," or "Reminder. Black Friday, 40% off is closing," or "How about 40% off?" So basically anything where you can clearly communicate your discount code, it will help you with your open rates. Your offer itself will do all the heavy lifting for you. The one thing though, if you are offering something small. For example, one of my clients who's selling this really expensive equipment for the cars, so the discount code is only 5%. It sounds like it's not a lot, but in his products, it can be tens and maybe even hundreds of dollars saved, right. But 5% doesn't look very attractive in the subject line.

Vira: So maybe if your offer is not that attractive or that enticing, try to do something different. But if your offering something crazy like 25% or more, definitely brag about it in your subject line.

Alissa: Yeah, for sure.

Vira: Yeah. So here is one more subject line that we really liked from the same category, "Doorbusters, one day only offer. $400 off the hybrid, plus two free pillows." This is actually the mattress company. But I really like that they use the strategy, the doorbuster strategy. It's actually the strategy that a lot of brick-and-mortar stores used in the past. And yeah, I like the use of word doorbuster, it's a very common tactic used by retailers to-

Alissa: Doorbuster.

Vira: Different goods in the past. It makes this campaign almost irresistible. And of course the $400 off and the gift also sound very attractive. Right? So which makes this Black Friday email campaign a must open. So-

Alissa: Yeah. I love that.

Vira: Yeah. Percentage discount, they are the classic. Try them, people love them.

Alissa: I love it.

Vira: Yeah.

Alissa: I love it. I love it. I love it. So the next group of subject lines that we want to focus on are using the subscriber's name in subject lines. I actually just recently ran a test within the abandoned cart flow for one of my clients. So I have the statistic here. This is not from my own test, but I found the same thing, which is that email subject lines that are personalized by including a name, boost your open rates by 10 to 14% across industries.

Vira: Wow.

Alissa: This is true. I can confirm this. This is absolutely true. There was, I think, 7 or 8% difference between the subject line. And the subject line was pretty much the same. One, we just added the name and the other one, we just didn't have the name. And it increased by that much over the course of, I think it was seven days or something, which is nuts. So this is definitely one that I would recommend. However, including your subscriber's name is only one way to make your subject lines more personal. So you don't have to just be that weird person who's like, "Vira, hi, please open this email. Vira, I'm sending you another email. Vira, check out my email. Vira, Vira, Vira."

Vira: I've seen those emails, Alissa. I've seen those emails.

Alissa: Where it's the same brand, just using your name all the time and you're like, "Okay, we get it. You know my name. Calm down. Do you know anything else about me?"

Vira: But remember you mentioned this. I forgot the name of the brand. You actually put your name in the hero image or something.

Alissa: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Vira: That was so cool. And now you can do that with new clavier update.

Alissa: With the new clavier feature. Yeah. So it's a-

Vira: It's so cool.

Alissa: What's the name of the brand? Third love. It's actually a very popular women's intimates brand. And in the hero image, they wrote the Alissa collection, and I was shocked, because I was like, "There's no way they made a collection with my name on it. There's no way." And then I clicked on the email and it actually just brought me to a page that showed me recommended favorites.

Vira: Oh, so good. And also you have a unique spelling too, so-

Alissa: Yeah, exactly. Exactly, that's the other thing, is the unique spelling. I was just shocked like, "What the heck? My name. What?"

Vira: Wow.

Alissa: So they got me, they got me.

Vira: That's so cool.

Alissa: It is only one way. It's a really good way though. But the other thing that you can do to add more personalization to your subject lines is using casual language, sharing something personal or using copy that implies familiarity or friendship. So like, "Hey friend, remember that time we hung out?" So here are some really, really good examples of personal email subject lines that actually get your customers attention. So you can say... So this was by brand Guess, so they put the customer's name, check out these hand picked looks, which-

Vira: I like it.

Alissa: Yeah, that gets your attention, right? Or Harry's is another brand, "Two razors, for your friends, on us," which I like as well, because you're trying to get some level of connection with your customer, right? Like, "Oh, here. Grab two razors for your friends and it's on us. Don't worry, we got you, you got us. We're all friends." That's a nice attitude to have with your customers or another subject line. So it has names, so you'd insert the customer's name, I like you better than my nephew right now. That's actually so funny, I love that one.

Vira: So hilarious.

Alissa: It's so funny. And then this other one. Name, swipe right on us this Black Friday, which is also pretty funny.

Vira: I like it.

Alissa: A play on some dating apps, so that's a fun one as well to include. This Ikea subject line, however, is worth mentioning specifically and giving a little shout out to, so it says name, escape the Black Friday chaos. So I love this line, I think it's great. And why does it work? So a few different reasons. Ikea has a slightly different approach to the Black Friday madness. Instead of adding a discount or using FOMO, their brand ops for a personalized subject line to boost its open rates. So they use the subscriber's name and through that, they manage to catch the recipients eye, offering an escape from the Black Friday chaos, because everyone knows that when you go to Ikea, it is always chaos.

Vira: Oh yeah.

Alissa: Not in a bad way, but it is chaotic always in there. There are always so many people. It's a great place, I love Ikea. Most of our furniture is Ikea, but it is chaotic.

Vira: Yeah.

Alissa: So along with beautiful visuals and really great copy, their subject line delivers on its promise and gives the subscriber a break from the holiday season madness. So it enables them to sit from the comfort of their own home and shop online at home where they are safe from the chaos. So it's a good one-

Vira: And they usually deliver sooner too. I don't think they do any Black Friday, Black Friday promotion. They usually deliver it a week before, for the holidays or two weeks before the holidays, which is great.

Alissa: I love that. I love that.

Vira: Yeah.

Alissa: Very cool.

Vira: Well right now, I don't know if you've been to Ikea lately, but in Canada anyways, they don't have anything available. You have to wait for everything, for literally everything. They do have some small stuff available in stock, but if you're looking for a specific couch or a, I don't know, a chair or something, you have to wait for months sometimes. So they're out of stock on everything.

Alissa: That's insane.

Vira: So it's more like a museum right now. You just come and you take a look, but you don't buy anything, because there's-

Alissa: Come to my Ikea museum.

Vira: There's nothing to buy. Right.

Alissa: That's hilarious.

Vira: I mean, I still love Ikea, that's my happy place. I go there to get some break from my busy life-

Alissa: Walk around.

Vira: That's what we've been talking with you Alissa, before the call. Right? So how the adult fun looks like this days, going to chiropractor, yay. Grocery shopping, fun. Ikea-

Alissa: I know. I'm going to the chiropractor today, and then I get to go grocery shopping after and I'm like, "Wow."

Vira: It's the best day ever.

Alissa: Yeah. An hour and a half of me time. This is so fun and nice and everyone's like, "Are you on drugs?" Possibly.

Vira: Cool. Well the fourth group of subject lines and that's one of our favorites. We use this kind of subject lines all the time. It's funny subject lines for Black Friday. If your subject line makes your subscriber laugh or smile, they will simply have to open it. And I mean, after all, I'm sure you've seen those subject lines in your inbox as well, and I'm sure you loved it as well. Being humorous requires a little bit more creativity, right? A little bit more thought, but it can really pay off in terms of your open rates.

Vira: So I really liked this one last year. I forgot the name of the brand, but the subject line was better than their deals. Who's deals? Whatever, better than their deals.

Alissa: I love that. That's hilarious.

Vira: I think it's funny. Or my favorite one, it's a classic, I mentioned it just billion times, deals that make us proud, unlike our nephew, Steve. I mean, I think it's genius.

Alissa: Poor Steve.

Vira: We used for one-

Alissa: So sorry, Steve.

Vira: Steve was-

Alissa: RIP Steve. That's sad, but it's funny.

Vira: Always nephew who gets laughed at in the subject line, right?

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: It's like, "I like you better than my nephew right now," is the same. Or like, "Boom Shaka Laka. Let's get started." I just like the subject line, it says nothing, it's not very informative, but it's so fun.

Alissa: Boom Shaka Laka. That is very funny.

Vira: I don't even know where this sound comes from. Boom Shaka Laka.

Alissa: It reminds me of Finding Nemo, hark bait, "Boo haha." It's not quite the same, but that's what it reminds me of when I hear Boom Shaka Laka.

Vira: I think it's from the 80s songs or something.

Alissa: Probably.

Vira: I might be wrong.

Alissa: Probably.

Vira: All the crazy things come from the 80s. Right? Or this one, I think it's so cool. Come on, it's Friday and you're killing time anyway. I mean, technically it's true.

Alissa: This is true. This is true.

Vira: This is true.

Alissa: This is true.

Vira: Or your mom's going to love this. This is my favorite one too. Or last year, Cards Against Humanity did this crazy email, which actually did not include any promotions or discount. The only objective was to keep in touch with the customer base during this holiday season. Right? So the subject line was nothing. They literally typed in the word nothing.

Vira: And then, I mean the branding of the Cards Against Humanity is different. It's very funny, so you need to understand what the game is about, but I really liked their email. The email was saying, "Dear horrible friends, as you know, Cards Against Humanity is crazy about Black Friday savings. And we never fail to mark the occasion with incredible door busting deals. This year we've taken down our entire store and we are announcing a one day only, give Cards Against Humanity, $5 sale. The deal is simple. You give us $5, we give you nothing." And the CDA was like, "Give us five bucks." So yeah, obviously the objective of this sale is not to make any money. I wouldn't even call it a sale. It's more to keep in touch with the customer base during the holiday season and just to make them smile. And it was very on brand for them as well, so I liked it a lot.

Alissa: It's refreshing. It's very refreshing. I'd be very curious to know what that give $5 to us linked to.

Vira: I don't think it was linked to anything specific, unless they did have a product or just a fake product page or even literally buy something for $5 and receive nothing. I don't know. I just think it's funny. It's funny. It's different, that's for sure.

Alissa: It is. It's very.

Vira: Yeah.

Alissa: I love it. Okay. And the very last one. Subject lines with emojis. So a major factor when you're deciding what emojis to use and whether or not to use them at all, is who is actually receiving your emails.

Vira: Oh yeah. Yeah. That's a big one.

Alissa: So if you have a younger demographic and you're selling a fun lighthearted product, then using emojis definitely makes sense. If you have an audience though, who is made up of some older folks, we won't call them old people, just an older generation or highly professional people. Sending emails to tort law attorneys. Or if you're selling B to B oriented services, emojis in your subject lines probably won't land as well or stick as well with that audience. So just think about it before you do it. Right?

Vira: Right.

Alissa: And there was actually a study done on new year's campaigns. So the overall average open rate for new year's promotional campaign is 18%, but subject lines that included the champagne bottle or the confetti ball saw an average open rate of 22%, which is interesting and several clients that included fireworks or that little megaphone with the confetti exploding out of it, also saw-

Vira: Is it a megaphone?

Alissa: I don't know what it is. It's a little cone of love and confetti.

Vira: It's a party cone or something. I was thinking it was the birthday hat turned upside down so the confetti and everything. I don't know. You guys know what-

Alissa: Hat with confetti?

Vira: Yeah. I wonder what's the name of that?

Alissa: I don't know. I wonder if you can... Hold on, let me try to hover over it.

Vira: I'm going to Google it right now. How do I Google it? Okay.

Alissa: A confetti cone.

Vira: It's called the party popper.

Alissa: Oh, party popper. Potty popper. Oh my gosh. Party popper. Okay. So if you included fireworks or the party popper, you also saw an open rate between 19 and 21%, which is really cool. However, emoji emails had an increased complaint rate, which is not so cool.

Vira: Yeah.

Alissa: So another thing-

Vira: That's interesting.

Alissa: That you do want to consider whenever you're using emojis. Different email clients are going to use one of the few different emoji keyboards, based on the device's operating system. So for example, if the Samsung Android keyboard is missing a brand new emoji set that is on the Apple iOS keyboard, everyone is reading your subject line on an Android device and they will not see the emoji.

Vira: Yeah.

Alissa: It's going to look like a big ugly square block. So you just got to be careful about-

Vira: It's happened to me before, yeah.

Alissa: It's not a cute look, not even in the slightest. So you just have to be careful with what you're doing emoji-wise. Don't use those brand new multicolored, crazy Apple emojis. Just use something generic like a heart or the party popper.

Vira: Right.

Alissa: So here are some examples of some prime subject lines that we love, that use emojis. So finally! A decent reason to wake up early on Monday. With a little clock emoji or this is actually a megaphone.

Vira: I like it.

Alissa: The megaphone emoji just announced, our Cyber Monday deals. That's a cool one too. The biggest day for online shopping has arrived, with a little delivery truck. I love that, I think that's cute. A free gift for you, with the little present emoji. I love that emoji, because Cyber Monday or get your Cyber Monday bargains shipped free and it's a little cargo ship, which I love. That one's really cute too.

Vira: So cute.

Alissa: Monday plus online deals with a package or the little cardboard box. Or cure your Mondayidas,

Vira: Mondayidas.

Alissa: Yeah. With these travel deals and a little airplane. Check out these hot entertainment details with some cool headphones and the last one, get your sporting goods delivered free with a baseball and then a little hole in one for golf, with a little flag.

Vira: That's nice.

Alissa: So those are just some examples. You can get more creative if you want to. Again, if you have a cheeky audience that you're working with, you can actually make a subject line that's primarily comprised of all emojis. So you can do an emoji plus an emoji equals another emoji, however you want to do it. You can get creative with emojis. Just remember who your audience is, but the emojis definitely add a little pazaz to your subject line. So if you can, get creative with it and use them.

Vira: Yeah.

Alissa: I love them. I love emoji subject lines, I think they're fun.

Vira: Yeah. We use them all the time. And even for older generation, for brands for older people, we use them in the past and they do work really well. They just makes your email stand out.

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: Among those hundreds of different emails. But then what interesting that you said that it has higher spam complaint rates. I wonder why.

Alissa: Yeah. I think... My guess is it probably happens whenever there's the big empty box. If the emoji isn't rendering correctly and then the box comes up and then people are like, "This is spam." People get neurotic about spam all the time.

Vira: Oh gosh.

Alissa: All the time.

Vira: It's funny. Well guys, I hope it was helpful to you. This list of different fun subject lines. Definitely be creative. Make sure your email stands out because this is your chance to shine. Consumers are going be scanning hundreds of different sales and your subject lines has to be good enough to convince them to-

Alissa: Yeah, absolutely.

Vira: Open your email. So put some thoughts into it and definitely come back next Tuesday. But in the meantime, don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast with your friends. And if you are interested to getting... On getting more advice on how to establish a solid email marketing strategy for your e-commerce store, visit flowium.com/contact and sign up for free consultations. So that's something that we do. I mean, this consultations are awesome, they are super helpful. So let us know if you need help with your email marketing.

Vira: And also if you want to get our very special Flowium socks-

Alissa: They're amazing. They're amazing.

Vira: Make sure to leave us a review, screenshot your review and send it to us. Alissa, do you remember the link?

Alissa: It's flowium.com/socks. It'll take you to a type form, you can add in all the info there and we will immediately send you your socks, because they're important.

Vira: Yay. Yeah.

Alissa: Yeah. We're excited.

Vira: You're going to have Flowium socks. I'm still waiting for mine, but that's fine.

Alissa: We're going to paint the world in Flowium socks. We got this, we got this.

Vira: They're super cute. They're super cute.

Alissa: And next week guys, our episode, the saga continues, continues, continues. We're going to be talking about a last minute checklist for your Black Friday, Cyber Monday emails. So make sure that you come in, check us out, listen to what we have to say, because we will be giving you all the insights, all the scoop right before the holiday kicks off. So see you guys next week and thank you as always for listening.

Vira: See you next week. Bye.

Recording: Thanks for listening to email Einstein. Can you feel that? Your marketing brain just got a little bit bigger. We ask that you please use it wisely. You've got all the theory you need to get out there and start boosting your sales, because great emails equals revenue squared.

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