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Why Is My Email Marketing Not Working?

You’ve heard those tempting promises of email marketing. $38-ROI for every dollar you spend, the top converting channel for eCommerce, never having to plough money into paid social ads again. But somehow that’s not the case for you.

You seem to have tried every strategy in the book and used all possible tips from the tutorials you’d found on Youtube, but still suffer from disappointing open and click-through rates. You want to maximize your email marketing revenue, but can’t seem to figure out how.

Trust us, there IS a way.

After having completed thousands of email marketing audits for eCommerce clients, it gradually became clear that most email marketing issues stem from the same mistake…

That mistake is not meeting your customers where they’re at in the customer lifecycle, and, as a result sending irrelevant emails that don’t connect and are easy to ignore.

We’ve Developed A Shortcut
To Solve That Problem

From years of experience, we’ve developed an approach that removes the guesswork when setting up your foundational emails.

What it requires is an understanding of what stage of the customer lifecycle your customer’s in and applying it to every email sequence you set up.

For the past five years, we’ve used this approach for each of our 7- and 8- figure clients.

And now to help YOU do it, we created a course where we reveal the ultimate blueprint for your successful email marketing strategy.

eCommerce Email Marketing: Customer Lifecycle course teaches how to fight the disappointing conversion rates and set up profitable email sequences every time.

We do it through our unique comprehensive training on weaving customer lifecycle into your email marketing.

This Is What You Get When You Purchase The Course

Part of flow diagram example

Module 1. Strategy

From years of experience, we’ve developed an approach that removes the guesswork when setting up your foundational emails.

What it requires is an understanding of what stage of the customer lifecycle your customer’s in and applying it to every email sequence you set up.

Module 2. Copy

Learn how to create engaging, vibrant copy for opt-in forms, emails for flows, surveys, and everything in between.

Check out successful client examples, access helpful email templates, and learn to write flawless footer messages (that fine print at the bottom of every email).

Work on the copy yourself or just pass our guidelines that break down what to include in each email along to a professional writer.

Module 3. Design

Flowium Lead Email Designer Marcy Chu will join our CEO Andriy Boychuk to talk all things design.

We’ll break down our basic email templates and walk you through some real life examples of how to adjust a single template to work for every email in a campaign.

We’ll also get into the importance of Hero Images, when to use text-based emails, and teach you how to build forms using Klaviyo’s Form Builder.

Module 4. Implementation

It’s time to put your strategy into action!

This step has its fair share of sticking points, so we’ve built a clear path that you can follow (or use to effectively outsource this crucial step).

We’ll give you a downloadable Klaviyo set up checklist to consult before implementing every flow and use detail-packed videos to show you how to turn your strategy, copy, and design into completed flows in Klaviyo.

Module 5. Evaluate & Optimize

It’s time to start split testing.

To get the most out of your email strategy, you need to improve your approach iteration by iteration.

We’ll teach you how to use a variety of metrics to analyze and improve your performance. We’ll also cover how to execute a successful test email, what data to focus on, and when to adjust and optimize your flows.

When You Enroll In The Course, You Get


An effective framework to A/B test your emails

The most profitable email automations are the ones that work for YOUR business. With this framework, you’ll be able to effectively test your emails and improve your metrics based on data, not on a “gut feel”


Access to Flowium HUB, a private community

When you purchase the course, you get instant access to our private community where you can ask any questions that may arise as you’re going through the course


Working templates + practical tutorials on design and copy

With these resources, you’ll never write another weak subject line or create a design that might slash your deliverability. Along with the copy and design templates, you get over-the-shoulder tutorials on how to implement them in Klaviyo, to save you the trouble of figuring out how to do it yourself


The most comprehensive training on eCommerce email marketing available

By purchasing this course, you get the most complete step-by-step program designed specifically for eCommerce, so you never have to scavenge for relevant tips among the sea of general advice and hope it works for your business


Five highly practical modules

You’ll be able to implement what you learn as you go and start making progress with your email marketing right away

Stats From Our Klaviyo Accounts


Accounts have a healthy
sending reputation

Accounts are at 20% or higher
average open rates

Accounts seeing 20% or above
email attributed revenue

The Value Of This Course For You

We worked for years on creating the most effective process to set up email marketing strategies that work, so you don’t have to. We normally charge our clients $6,500 to set up their email sequences based on our customer lifecycle approach. Today, you get to learn about and start using our best email marketing strategy tools for $997.

A consistent, strategic approach to email marketing that you’ll learn from this course will save you years of trial and error. It will allow you to set up email automations that are guaranteed to generate revenue while you focus on other important aspects of your business.

Strategies Shared In The Course In Action

The results we got with one of our clients using the approach we share in the course

Before (September 2019)

6/1 - 6/30

  • Total Revenue: $67,465
  • Revenue from Klaviyo: $432 (1%)
  • Flows: $432 (1%)
  • Campaigns: $0 (0%)
  • $ / Recipient: $0,21

December 2019

Gray and blue circle

12/1 - 12/31

  • Total Revenue: $88,425
  • Revenue from Klaviyo:
    $45,309 (51%)
  • Flows: $9,599 (11%)
  • Campaigns: $35,710 (40%)
  • $ / Recipient: $0,53

April 2020 (despite COVID-19)

Gray and blue circle

4/1 - 4/30

  • Total Revenue: $100,476
  • Revenue from Klaviyo:
    $47,046 (44%)
  • Flows: $13,680 (13%)
  • Campaigns: $33,366 (31%)
  • $ / Recipient: $0,73

Your Purchase Will Be Backed By Our 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

We’re confident that this course will help you see great results in your email marketing. We teach the same system that’s worked for the clients we serve, and we expect it tto fully deliver the same results for you.

That being said, we know that sometimes life happens and the best laid plans go awry. If you’d like to get your money back at any point, for any reason, just contact our Support Team and we’ll issue a full refund. No questions asked

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions other Customer Life Cycle course students asked before diving in

The short answer is: Don’t sweat it. Learning the technology isn’t hard, and mastering Klaviyo is not nearly as important as learning to build an effective strategy. There are a lot of qualified and affordable Klaviyo techs you can hire when it’s time to implement your approach (and our course will also offer detailed tutorials explaining how to implement everything in Klaviyo yourself).

It will take about 14 hours to complete the entire course. After that, it usually takes about 6-8 weeks to build and implement everything we mention in the program. This isn’t something that you can knock out in a single weekend, but if you take your time and build your strategy properly it will offer sustained revenue for a long time to come.

Expect initial returns on your first flows to be relatively modest –– it will take multiple flows to gather the data you’ll need to create a drastic revenue boost (in the 15-20% range).

A few reasons! Flows typically deliver a higher engagement rate than campaigns, manual newsletter blasts, and other one-off’s. Automatic emails are also the best way to warm up your list, improve your deliverability, and boost your sender’s reputation. Because relying on flows allows you to send fewer emails, Gmail and Yahoo won’t tag your messages as spam. And finally, automated email flows offer the best return for your time. While it takes a bit of focus and work to set up your system, it only requires a minimal amount of attention once it’s ready to go.

On average, ROI for email marketing is $38 per each invested dollar (source: Direct Marketing Association). With automatic emails (or flows), you only need to invest your resources once. After that, your email strategy will work without investing any additional time or money.

You can, but first make sure they understand how to develop an effective strategy, leverage Klaviyo’s powerful tools, and create engaging design and copy. Budget at least $4,000-7,000 for the full setup. You can also hire Flowium to set up your foundational emails and help your brand grow to the next level. We’re happy to discuss what we can do for your business –– apply for a call here

It’s not the best strategy. Sure, it’s better than nothing, but Klaviyo’s prefabricated automations are a one-size-fits-all solution to a very complex problem. Plus, their automations are heavily reliant on different filters and codes. If you’re not familiar with the tech, you’re unlikely to get satisfactory results.

You should definitely check out our channel! It’s loaded with a ton of useful tips and strategies to improve your email marketing. That being said, it’s not a replacement for this full course. Our Youtube Channel has useful videos on specific topics but it doesn’t cover the full scope of what it takes to set up a robust and sustainable email marketing system.

While you can set up your flows once and never check them again, you’ll get better results over time if you continue to optimize the flows. That means checking the emails’ performance over time and adjusting them to correct for any low open rates, click-through rates, or conversion rates.

It’s also worthwhile to take a look at your automated emails periodically to correct for any changes to your business. Correcting outdated information and adding new products to your existing flows is a great way to keep your emails relevant and fresh.

Start Sending Emails That Generate Revenue On Autopilot


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