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#95. Building your eCommerce Tech Stack in 2022 with Derric Haynie

Written by Vira Sadlak
3 min read

With over 6500 apps in the Shopify Store, and some 250 new apps entering the market every month, building a profitable and effective tech stack is more challenging than ever.

Vira is joined this week by Derric Haynie to break down the process of building out your tech stack in 2022. He’s a wealth of information on how e-commerce brands can use technology to better their business.

We’re covering a lot this week. Grab a notepad or your laptop, and let’s dive into the wide world of tech apps!

About today’s guest 

Derric Haynie is the Chief Technology Officer at Ecommercetech.io – a platform to help eCommerce businesses track and analyze their tech tool spend and find the tools that work for them.

Derric has worked on every side of the eCommerce world from in-house to agency, and saw a gap in the world of eCommerce. A need for a company dedicated to understanding the ever-changing eCommerce landscape.

He’s created over 200 hands-on tech reviews and helped over 300 merchants improve their tech stack. Someone needs to sift through the tech so you can focus on running your business.

You’ll learn

  • The 6 step process for vetting technology products. 
  • The danger of shiny-object syndrome when it comes to Tech apps 
  • How to ensure your tech tools are making you money, not costing it. 
  • Why a lean suite of tools is more powerful than a bloated one. 

Some of the questions we ask:

  • What is Ecommercetech.io?
  • How do you and your team remain unbiased analysing the tools?
  • What’s your process of learning what tools a brand needs?
  • Let’s talk about the future of Shopify app ecosystem! What are your predictions for app developers, eСommerce brands, and consumers?

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