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#73. 6 Proven Strategies to Navigate the Post-Holiday Season Slump

Written by Vira and Alissa
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The insights so nice, we’re sharing them twice! This week on Email, Einsteins, Vira, and Alissa break down how to survive and even thrive in the dreaded post-holiday slump of January and February.

These months can be a black hole for eCommerce sales. With the highest product return rates of the year and consumers feeling unmotivated to shop after the hectic holiday season, we’ve got our work cut out for us.

We share some powerful strategies to re-engage your list, encourage new sales, and build lasting customer relationships. The countdown to a successful Black Friday 2022 starts now. Let’s get started.

You’ll learn

  • Our six post-holiday strategies to engage customers & boost revenue 
  • Industry-specific insights into special offers & product bundles
  • When & where to engage your VIP customers

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Vira: Today, we're going to be talking about how to get through that post holiday sales slump.

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Alissa: Hello, hello everyone. Welcome to episode 73 of Email Einstein, Vera and Alissa here as always. We are two email marketers at an email marketing agency called Flowium. We are so passionate about email marketing and because we love what we do, we want to share our insights with you. Flowium is one of the fastest growing email marketing agencies in the world. We specialize in providing a premium, full service eCommerce email marketing experience for all of our clients.

Alissa: Our service is tailored specifically for your business and is designed to help increase your online retail revenue. We deliver the right message to the right person at the right moment. That's what we're all about here at Flowium. And today's episode is very, very special.

Vira: Yeah, our message is so good that sometimes we deliver it twice and that's exactly what's going to happen in today's episode. Today, we're going to be talking about how to get through that post holiday sales slump. So right now it's actually November 22nd. So, still three days until black Friday and cyber Monday craziness. For some of you it's probably already started, but you guys, we have already prepared that episode about how to get through the post holiday sales slumps. In fact, we recorded it last year, but it was so good that we decided to..

Alissa: Had to hit again.

Vira: Talk about it again. So definitely, definitely listen to that podcast. I already listened to it today. It was really good, a lot of cool strategies. So thank you again for being with us this year. We're almost done with this black Friday, cyber Monday saga. So one more episode to go and I hope you enjoyed all of our little strategies and I hope they were helpful to you. So enjoy.

Andriy: Are you ready for black Friday, cyber Monday and other holidays? Is your marketing strategy set and up to speed with new trends. I'm excited to announce that we released our first Flowium book, which covers the latest email marketing strategies for black Friday, cyber Monday and holidays. You can grab your own copy today at flowium.com/holiday. This book will help you to maximize customer growths and revenue through the busiest season of the year.

Vira: But before we go there, instead of pro tip, we have something fun this week. In the spirit of the holidays, Alissa, tell us about this.

Alissa: Vira and I are each going to share our favorite holiday tradition. So kind of the rules around what our holiday tradition will look like is either something that we used to do when we were younger, growing up with our families or something that we've now done with our own families. Vira, I don't know if you want to start, if not, I'm more than happy to start off.

Vira: I'll go first because..

Alissa: Okay, perfect.

Vira: Our holidays starts sooner than your holidays in North America, because I'm from Ukraine originally. And we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. For us it's December 19th. And that's actually when we get the gifts. And that's one of my favorite holiday traditions is when you're getting the gift, you are actually getting it under the pillow. So you're sleeping and seeing Saint Nicholas and his angel helpers come and they leave you the gift under the pillow. And they also put a little candy and stuff in your shoes, as well. So every year on St. Nicholas Eve, you had to clean your shoes really nicely and put them by the door. So St. Nicholas can leave you both gifts in your shoes and under the pillows.

Vira: So I was so excited every year about this holiday. And honestly, I'm 29 right now and I've never caught the St. Nicholas. I slept through the night all the time and I've never had an experience of meeting St. Nicholas. That was definitely my favorite holiday of the year. And we don't get Christmas gifts. We get them from St. Nick.

Alissa: That's so cool.

Vira: Yeah. What was your favorite holiday tradition?

Alissa: One of the things that we actually used to do growing up was leading up to Christmas Eve. So we used get like an allowance growing up for my parents, whether it was for doing something good at school, or doing chores around the house or whatever it is. So we would get a weekly allowance. And then we were always encouraged to save that allowance. And the reason why we would save it is because when it came around to Christmas time, we would go out shopping and we would go to a toy store or typically a toy store because we were younger. And what we would do with our allowance is we would have to buy gifts for someone who was our age. So if I was 12 years old at the time I would buy gifts for a 12 year old girl, my sister, if she was six, she would buy gifts for a six year old girl.

Alissa: My brother, if he was seven, he would buy gifts for a seven year old boy. And what we would do is we would buy pretty much as many gifts as what we wanted. So if there were five gifts on our Christmas list, we would buy five gifts for that other child who was our age. And then on Christmas Eve, what we would do is, we would wrap all the gifts all together and then we would take them over to a local orphanage and drop off the gifts at the orphanage. I think, growing up, I didn't really understand the impact of what my parents were trying to do, but now, it's really changed how I view Christmas. And for me there is so much more joy and giving and being with people and celebrating versus this is what I want for Christmas, that kind of thing.

Alissa: So yeah, that was one that was a really cool tradition that we always had. And even if we traveled. So we lived in the Northeast of the US and New Hampshire and there were a couple years that we came down Florida, now where we live, for Christmas and we would still do the same thing. We'd always come a few days before Christmas go toy shopping for the kids, wrap up the gifts and then find a local orphanage in the area where we were staying, close to our hotel and drop off the gifts and stuff. So it was always a fun way of us spending time together as a family. And also looking through the toy store and window shopping and stuff for ourselves, but also avidly buying these gifts for these kids and then being able to drop it off and stuff.

Alissa: And we never actually met any of the kids that we dropped off the gifts to. We would always try to do it anonymously as a family. Just drop them off and go. But it was always kind of like a pat on the back feeling of Hey, you know what, it's really cool to know that there's a kid who maybe doesn't necessarily have a family, but they were going to wake up and they were going to have something to look forward to on Christmas morning.

Vira: Such a beautiful tradition. Do think you will continue doing it with your kids.

Alissa: Yeah. I really want to, it's something that I've definitely spoken to my husband about quite a bit and whether we do that exact thing or we do something similar along the lines to that, I'm not sure. I know a lot elementary schools, a lot of schools generally across the US, they'll have a giving tree that's set up in the lobby of the school or whatever it is. And so it's a Christmas tree and on the Christmas tree or all these little paper ornaments and the ornaments will have gender of the child, the age of the child and one gift or one thing that they want. And so everyone could take the ornaments home if they wanted to. And then you would just have to bring back the gifts to the school and put them under the tree with the tag on it by a certain time period.

Alissa: So that's something that's pretty cool. We're very into how can we help the local community, my husband and I. So I think we'll probably do kind of a mix of all of those things around the holiday season. Long story short, my family and I recently found out that we're Jewish. So now we celebrate Hanukah. We don't necessarily do Christmas. So now it's how do we mix the combo of that holiday tradition that was more Christmas oriented and plug it into Hanukah, which is what we do now. So yeah. We're going to have to get creative, I think, over the course of time.

Vira: That's interesting. You'll invent your own holiday, I guess.

Alissa: Yeah. Right. I don't know if you ever watched.

Vira: Yeah. Your kid will be like that kid from Friends, right. Ross's son. They had the Christmas armadillo. Do you remember the episode?

Alissa: I never saw that episode, but what I'm thinking of is, I don't know if you ever watched The OC where...

Vira: Oh gosh.

Alissa: So they celebrated...

Vira: Adam Brody. Yeah, Adam Brody.

Alissa: Yeah. Oh my gosh. I know. Right. But they used to celebrate Chrismakah. Where it was a combo..

Vira: Chrismakah?

Alissa: Of Christmas and Hanukah because Adam Brody's dad in the series was Jewish, but his mom wasn't. So they used to do Christmas and Hanukah. So maybe we'll end up celebrating Chrismakah, who knows.

Vira: Chrismakah.

Alissa: Who knows?

Vira: Oh, that's fun. That's fun. By the way. Do you know, I read this stats lately. Do you know how much Americans on average spent around Christmas time on gifts, holiday items and other expenses?

Alissa: Oh my gosh.

Vira: Like a wild guess.

Alissa: I would guess like $3,000 or something like that. I don't know. I feel like Americans really go all out with that kind of stuff, especially if they have a lot of kids, especially if they have a lot of kids.

Vira: Well, actually it's not that high, but it's still like $998. So almost a thousand dollars.

Alissa: Holy.

Vira: Yeah. And that's an average American, which means that some are probably spending way more than that some are spending less, but it's still a lot.

Alissa: That's so much money.

Vira: That much around Christmas, like in Europe, I think it's a very American tradition. And Hey, it's good for us people in eCommerce, right?

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: But January and February are often seen in eCommerce industry as the deadliest month of the year, as a time of sales slump. Right. And that's natural because after spending so much money in the months of November and December, some shoppers have the blues after receiving their credit card bills. So January, February will be some of the lowest spending months of the year for the average US consumers.

Vira: So guys, you've got to prepare of people in eCommerce. You've got to prepare for this time. And the big question is how can you actually stay in touch with your audience and keep motivating them to come back and spend some money again. So here are our favorite easy strategies that you can utilize in the off season to keep your sales up after the holidays.

Vira: And the first one is a big one. We call it the new year, new you campaigns.

Alissa: Oh my gosh.

Vira: Yeah, I know, many people and I'm certainly one of them, like to start the new year with a clean slate mentality.

Alissa: Yeah, for sure.

Vira: Every year I'm doing this new year resolution. I'm preparing myself for the new year, new me status in Facebook and stuff like that. And lots of your friends will probably make a pledge to get healthier, to focus on their career, to lose some weight or start spending less on Uber Eats. I might be talking about myself. By the way, here's another fun stats. Alissa guess what are the most popular new year resolutions? I literally have the list of the most popular new year resolutions for people. What would you guess the biggest one?

Alissa: For sure, lose weight. A hundred percent lose weight. So this is me kind of tagging on to what people were all about last year. But last year there was this craze of drink a glass of celery juice every morning. So usually something along that where it's like, I'm going to lose 500 pounds and have six pack abs in time for March so that I can go on spring vacation or whatever it is. But then I'm also going to eat 500 pounds of vegetables every day. And that's it. Usually somewhere in there.

Vira: Usually you are done with your new year's resolutions by January the third.

Alissa: Yeah. Yeah.

Vira: That's how it works. Well, actually the most popular one is save more and spend less.

Alissa: Oh, interesting.

Vira: Yeah.

Alissa: That's really interesting.

Vira: Yeah. I thought that losing weight will be among the top two, but actually the second one is pay down debts and the third one is live a healthier lifestyle or lose weight. That's actually the..

Alissa: That's the third?

Vira: I was surprised too.

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: I thought that losing weight would be the number one. Because it's been number one for me for as long as I can remember myself. And it's so stupid, I don't do this anymore.

Alissa: It's the same for me where it's, I'm going to wake up at 6:00 AM. I'm going to work out for three hours and then I'm going to go to work.

Vira: Oh yeah.

Alissa: And then I'm going to eat celery. That's always how it is then by January 2nd, I'm going to wake up at nine o'clock and roll into work and maybe have a Snickers bar at lunch and it's...

Vira: Yeah. I mean those new year, new me resolutions, they might be funny, but Hey, you can use this trend in your email marketing and you should definitely use it. Creating a new year, new me kind of shoppers are definitely helping those people is definitely important. You don't want to be ignoring this past holiday season, this group of people. And in fact, there are a bunch of industries that see a surge in sales thanks to new year's resolution. So athletic and accessories. So this is the big one, health and wellness products. So, if you are in the supplement industry or you are selling the programs for workout or workout equipment, you will probably see a surge in sales thanks to new year's resolutions. Reading, learning, self improvement, getting organized. So if you are selling something for house organization or some sort of planners be prepared that January and February might not actually be your slowest months.

Vira: And this is an opportunity for you to talk about the benefits of what you have in the store or benefits of those products and how you can make 2021 simpler for them, easier for them and overall better. If you pair this new year, new me with discount, believe me, you will hit the sweet spot. Offer your shoppers and people who have this new year, new me mentality. They are definitely ready to spend. If you provide them the offer that will help them to get better in 2021.

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: And also another thing, anything new, actually sells in January. If you are selling a new variation of a supplement, new product or whatever, believe me, it will sell good in January. So January is the month of new beginnings. So don't ignore it. Definitely capitalize on that idea.

Alissa: Yeah. Yeah. I love it. And it's true. If you're in the fitness kind of health industry, like health food, or whatever, this does not apply to you. Because you're going to be booming in January for sure. January, February timeframe.

Vira: Yeah. But just don't be quiet on the month of January. I think that some sellers and some eCommerce business owners, they feel guilty after December and November for emailing people so much. But Hey, don't be quiet in the months of January. Don't leave your customers hanging. They want to hear from you. That's why they subscribe to receive your emails. Just give them that extra support. Help them start this new year with a clean slate sort of mentality. So don't be quiet. Keep emailing them, but maybe change the tone of your emails a bit.

Alissa: Yeah, for sure. I'm on board with that. So for number two, I feel like a lot of you who are listening are going to be like, what are you talking about? Our second suggestion is to actually start another sale. As an eCommerce business owner you're probably like another sale are you kidding? Even when I've been working with my clients recently and providing this suggestion, as we get closer to the month of January, they look at me like I have three heads, what are you talking about? We just had black Friday, cyber Monday. I just provided the biggest sale ever. I'm doing all these sales in December. What do you mean? So the thing is January is a month that is full of opportunities. If you understand, and know how to capitalize on these hidden opportunities.

Alissa: So here are some ideas around what we mean by starting another sale that we truly believe won't break the bank or crush your business in a typically slower eCommerce season. So the first is a winter clearance sale. Let's face it. Once the holidays are over, everyone is already looking forward to the spring, working on their beach bodies, ready for the newness of the year. People are already looking ahead to all the things that are coming in the year and not really focusing on what's going on in January. Which is winter blues, pretty poor weather, that kind of thing. And it's likely that your business is also feeling the same way. January is a really solid time to kind of regroup and think about the goals that you want to achieve as a business for the course of the year. So your winter clearance sale will actually give your brand an opportunity to get rid of your winter inventory and label it as a clearance sale.

Alissa: And I know as a consumer, personally, I love a good clearance sale. Anything that's clearance, I'm like, yep, let me scoop that right up because I know I'm getting a really good deal on it. And the best part is you're also able to tag a final sale label on these clearance items. So it protects your business from processing and issuing multiple refunds in the future and also taking back that inventory. So when you do these winter clearance sales, just make sure that you let your customers know, Hey, listen, this is a final sale item. Once you purchase it, that's it. You can't place a refund. You can't send it back. You can't exchange it. It is what it is. And that's what kind of helps.

Vira: That's actually a good one. That's actually a good one because January is known for having one of the highest refunds and returns because people are returning their early gifts and everything. So having something like this can help you a lot.

Alissa: For sure. And I would imagine it's because people get those credit card bills and they're like, yeah, no, this is not happening. So just make sure that you protect your business by also doing that kind of final sale idea when it comes to your winter clearance. If you have winter inventory, if that kind of thing applies.

Alissa: Another idea is free gift with your purchase. So honestly, I don't know anyone who does not love free stuff. And if you don't know it yet now, you know, freebies are always, always, always winners. And again, this is also another great way to get rid of minor inventory items that you know won't necessarily be able to sell easily. So for example, if you have these like branded hair scrunchies or something small like that or whatever it is, or these tote bags or anything, you can tag that into a purchase, Hey, when you make a purchase, you get a free X or whatever it is. And even though it's not necessarily , wow, I get a free diamond ring. It's still a freebie and that incentivizes people to make the purchase.

Vira: I think one of our clients, it was more for holidays, but they did the free wrapping paper.

Alissa: Oh.

Vira: With every purchase. Yeah. So you can actually wrap your gift nicely in the branded paper. And the paper was super pretty. By the way I think it was RSVLTS.

Alissa: Yep.

Vira: And we had the podcast with those guys.

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: Before. So go back and listen. The podcast is really good. And that's an excellent idea.

Alissa: Yeah, no, I love it. Yeah. And that's the other thing is the freebie doesn't have to be a specific holding tangible item. Here, you're going to get a pen with your purchase. It could be some kind of added value know Hey, when you make this purchase, you'll get $50 off your next purchase that you make or whatever it is. Something along those lines where you're still providing a freebie, some kind of incentive with that purchase. So yeah. I love that. The wrapping paper idea, I saw that when they sent out their campaign and I was like, wow, that is genius because people don't like wrapping. So, that makes sense.

Vira: One of my clients is doing the free access to his course. So he's doing both.

Alissa: Exactly.

Vira: The physical product and he's doing the online course. So it doesn't even have to be anything physical.

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: Just like you mentioned Alissa. It can be access to the course.

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: Or some free PDF about the 10 ways to clean your cat. I don't know. I obviously don't have a pet.

Alissa: To clean your cat.

Vira: So I obviously don't have that. So maybe that wasn't the best example, but you know what I'm saying? It doesn't have to be something tangible.

Alissa: Yeah.

Vira: Get creative. People love free stuff.

Alissa: Yeah. No, for sure. The 10 ways to clean your cat. I have to look that up on Google later and see if that is even a thing.

Vira: I don't think so.

Alissa: I don't have a cat. I personally don't like cats, but that's really funny.

Vira: Okay. So Alissa now just like 50% of our listeners unsubscribe from our podcast just now.

Alissa: I know, right? Sorry. No offense to anyone who does love cats, nothing against you. No judgment. I'm just not a cat lover myself. So the other option is also to create these bulk buy discount. So for me personally, this isn't one I have a huge amount of experience with, but there is a possibility for you to actually win with your bulk purchases. I've actually seen a lot of brands that I've personally subscribed to. Other brands that I like to shop with in the eCommerce world create a bulk buy package for the holidays. And it's definitely a very quick and easy way for you to increase your average order value per customer, again, without breaking the bank and also providing a smaller level discount, even though the customer is purchasing at a much higher value than what they normally would.

Alissa: With these bulk buys, you can also tack on the free shipping trick, which works really well. And consumers love that, but just make sure that when you do that free shipping it only applies to either the bulk buy item or bulk buy skew that you have internally or a certain minimum purchased amount. So one example that I can think of, right off the top of my head, is this brand that sells bras. For example, not a personal client, just a brand that I like to look at their stuff in the eCommerce world. And they just created this bulk buy discount for anyone who purchases three bras or more. And the discount seemingly, for us as consumers, looks really, really, really good and very incentivizing.

Alissa: Because it's so inexpensive in comparison to buying three of those bras individually, and also when you bulk buy those bras, then you also get a discount or a free shipping rather. So that's a really smart way to get me as the consumer to spend way more money on three bras than I would on just purchasing one. But then I also get the free shipping and I'm getting the discount. And so it looks like there are way more pros for the consumer than there are for the brand. But in essence, they're just going to get more money out of me. So that's another option as well. If you have that capability and the room in your inventory, essentially.

Alissa: And then the last one. We'll dive into this a lot deeper later in the episode. And we've talked about it previously in episode 22, but the other option for you in the month of January is to make sure that you're incentivizing your loyalty program. Again, we've talked about this before. We'll keep talking about it forever. It's so important to incentivize your new customers and your loyal customers to either become loyal or remain loyal.

Alissa: Perks, perks, perks, perks, perks. That's what everyone is constantly looking for. And the competition for actual products is fierce within the industry that we work in. And sometimes it's not enough for you as a brand to just provide the highest quality product on the market. People want to know what else they're going to get, or what else is in store for them by making a purchase with you specifically. So once a customer buys from you, you want to invite them into your loyalty program. Especially if they're first time buyers, because this is a really good way to kind of hook them in. And this is a huge missed opportunity for so many business owners. So please don't be that guy. And we'll talk about this a little more later on in the episode.

Vira: Cool. Another really good way to move your inventory as product bundles. And product bundles are in a way are similar to bulk buy discounts. But in this case, this is how it works. So what are those bundles? Well, to put it simply, product bundling involves combining several different products into a package with a reduced price. In the case with a bulk buy discount most of the times is either the same product or a similar product. Well, in this case with product bundles, it doesn't have to be the same product. You can bundle your best seller and some products that you need to move around. And the biggest perk of bundles is actually the potential of a great average order value. So in other words, your customer spends more money each time they buy. And that's a big one.

Vira: That's the big goal for all of us in eCommerce. Your shoppers are encouraged to spend more in order to save more. Now that might mean that your margins will be a bit smaller. Yes, but at the same time, the increase in sales should make up for that. And besides you will be saving yourself a bunch of money on transactional costs because instead of sending one $30 item and paying for shipping, you will be sending the package with the average order value, say a hundred bucks, and you're paying the same amount for shipping and bundles are especially great when you are trying to sell a slow moving stock. So say if you have some products nearing the end, they are shelf life, or maybe they are just there and collecting too much dust in your warehouse. You can actually put them together and bundle them with one of your popular items.

Vira: So who knows, maybe you can generate enough interest in the future to turn that slow mover into a hot product. That's actually what we did with one of my clients. They do this thing called secret bundle. My customer is selling the compression socks. By the way, they are super cute. The brand is called Primes. So go and check them out, super cute compression socks. And what we did, we actually put some of the best sellers and some inventory that needed to be moved around into one package bundle. But the customers actually don't know what they are getting. So they know that they will get this kind of socks, but they don't know what color of the socks they will get. So it's a secret bundle. And at first I was a bit skeptical, to be honest, about this idea because why would you purchase something that you don't know what you will get, but actually it turned out well. This is one of our best sellers right now.

Vira: And they are combining one of their best selling colors with one that is okay. And the third one is that is a slow mover. That's actually a big one. You can actually increase the awareness for the new product as well. So going back to that new year, new me or new year topic, if you recently launched a new product or introduced a brand into your store, why not combine it with one of your best sellers? You can create a product bundle with a similar or a complimentary item that's proven to be popular with your customer base. And I know for sure that Sephora does it. So every time I place an order, they send me a little freebie with their new products and this way, oh my goodness. They introduced me to so many products that I have returned and buy those products from them just because they send me this free sample.

Vira: And it's not even a sample. They just like sending you the miniature version. So it's bigger than sample, but smaller than the regular size. So that's actually an excellent way to increase awareness for a new product. And we've done it as well with my other clients. So we've combined two of their best sellers with a new product and we are selling this bundle for less. So basically people are saving money in the way, but their check is higher. So we only need to pay the shipping costs once.

Alissa: Oh, awesome.

Vira: So that's a good strategy that you guys can can use in January and February. And generally that's an excellent strategy.

Alissa: Yeah. I love that. I also need to get those compression socks from my increasingly swelling pregnant feet.

Vira: My favorite ones are the compression socks with watermelon. I'll send you the link.

Alissa: Oh yes. Send it to me. That is cute.

Vira: And they're super cute. Super cute.

Alissa: I need to grab some of those.

Vira: They're actually targeting pregnant women.

Alissa: Are they?

Vira: And moms. Yeah.

Alissa: Interesting.

Vira: Swollen ankles. Yeah.

Alissa: Yeah. So yeah, here she is right here. Ms. Swoll.

Vira: I can get you discount Alissa.

Alissa: Ooh. I love it. I love it. Perks of Flowium, right?

Vira: I know, right?

Alissa: Yeah, no, I love the bundle idea. I've used that a lot with my clients for even this holiday season where it's like, Hey, let's create a holiday bundle where you're providing way more products within seemingly a much lesser price. And it's actually been working really, really well. It's a little more work on the client's part because they actually have to create the bundle and put it together and ship it, et cetera. But it's been helpful because a lot of my clients have been moving inventory that's not really going anywhere. But then also they've been able to promote their newest products with it too. So it's been a two-for that's been really helpful and successful as well with their customer base.

Alissa: So our last post holiday marketing strategy, and we're going to go back to a topic that I kind of touched on when I was originally speaking about strategy number two with the starting another sale is rewarding your loyal customers. So again, we spoke about this in episode 22, when we were talking about reward programs that you can add onto your eCommerce experience. And I think the ones that we mentioned were like smile.io, there's Swell. There are tons out on the market, but those were the two main ones that we kind of spoke about. But because it's so relevant here, we're going to just touch on it again.

Alissa: So for 2021, we actually have a little bit of a challenge for all of you listeners out there. We are challenging all of the eCommerce brands that do actually listen to our podcast, to implement a loyalty program if you haven't already. We really, really believe in the benefits of these programs. There is so much that can be gained from them. And if you already have a loyalty program in place, we challenge you to up your perk game next month in January and provide something really exciting for your loyal customers that are already part of the program.

Alissa: So whether it's free shipping for Q1 or a bounce back offer that will give these customers a ridiculous promotion on brand new spring inventory. You can also do exclusive access to a brand new product launch before it even makes an appearance on your website. With regards to the perks that you can provide and upping your perk game the opportunities are pretty endless, but we definitely recommend upping that game for January. Just so you can avoid the slump. So if inputting another sale isn't really possible or the new year, new you doesn't necessarily match your brand or it's difficult for you guys to create a bundle or whatever it is, go the loyalty program route because it will be super beneficial.

Alissa: And the thing to really note is the gesture or any gesture that you make with your customers at the very start of the new year, whether they're loyal and repeat customers or brand new customers, it will have a lasting impression and impact on your customers for the months to come. And the thing is, in essence, and we actually just had a call about this internally about wrapping up kind of black Friday, cyber Monday, and what went well, where we have opportunities for next year. This holiday season is the biggest time for us as eCommerce companies and for us working with eCommerce companies. So it's always important even though we're kind of like, okay, black Friday's over, I don't want to think about it anymore. We don't want to think about next year either. It's so important that every step that you take from January until September essentially is a step in the right direction towards gearing up and preparing for another successful black Friday, cyber Monday year.

Alissa: So when you do these really impactful, engaging, incentivizing actions or gestures towards your customers at the very start of the year, you already start to build that trust. So then that way, when it comes down to October, November, December timeframe, they're going to be turning towards you first when it comes to all of their big shopping at the end of the year. So just make sure that you have that in mind. And as you start into next year and think about what you would want as a customer and go for it, because you want to make your customers happy throughout the course of the year. So then that way you can trust that they will be there for you when your sales are depending on it in the holiday season. So that's what we got for you today.

Alissa: Guys, as always, thank you so much for listening today. Don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast with your friends. If you like, what we do, make sure that you leave us a review so you can get your free pair of Flowium socks. So once you do leave your review, best thing to do is take a screenshot of that review and then head on over to Flowium.com/socks. In there you can plug in that screenshot, plug in your information and we will send you your very own pair of Flowium socks. Vira just got hers in the mail today.

Vira: I got mine a few months later because I'm in Canada.

Alissa: She's impressed. Impressed with the quality.

Vira: The quality is amazing. It's like a compression kind of socks. I love them. I love them. My husband loves them. He tried to steal them from me. I'm like, leave the review first. So yeah, yeah guys.

Alissa: I love it.

Vira: Leave the review and get your pair of pretty, pretty Flowium socks and come back next week. Because next week we'll be talking about four simple ways to turn your seasonal shoppers into repeat customers. Because we all have those guys who only come once a year, use your biggest discount and then you never hear from them for a year. Well guess what? You can actually turn them into your fence, into your repeat customers. So come back next Tuesday. We have something cool in stock for you.

Alissa: Yay. Thank you guys.

Speaker 3: Thanks for listening to Email Einstein. Can you feel that? Your marketing brain just got a little bit bigger? We ask that you please use it wisely. You've got all the theory you need to get out there and start boosting your sales because great emails equals revenue squared.

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