Start Using SMS To Connect With Your Customers Faster, Without The Technical Overwhelm

Deliver time-sensitive news like new arrivals and product releases through personalized messages your customers won’t be able to ignore

So Many eCommerce Stores Are Using SMS These Days, But…

SMS is the latest trend in eCommerce, and you want to give it a try. But before you invest, you realize there’s a lot you need to figure out:

If You’ve Thought Of Rolling Up Your Sleeves And Setting It Up Yourself

DIYing may be great for your backyard, but it’s not ideal for SMS marketing.

Although there’s some educational content on how to implement SMS for eCommerce businesses…

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Your time as a founder is too valuable
You can’t add SMS marketing to your already packed work week. Your business needs your time for other things

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You don’t know what’s going to work for your business
SMS is a new thing, so other people are also figuring it out on the go. What worked for them, might not work for you

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It requires a high level of technical expertise
SMS marketing is tricky. If something in the technical setup goes wrong, it can cost you thousands per text

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You can’t just set it and forget it
SMS requires continuous maintenance after the initial setup

Stand Out Among Irrelevant, Easily-Ignored Texts That Stay Unopened

Your customers have an internal anti-spam system telling them what’s worth their attention and what they should ignore.

At Flowium, we use our expertise in eCommerce marketing to provide the best results to our clients. We take care of every aspect of your SMS marketing, so you can take as little as half an hour a week to give us feedback and enjoy the results.

Get Personal With Your Customers For Loyalty And Conversions

Our team will set up your messaging system, so you can start communicating with your customers faster to get faster results.

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Start With SMS Marketing Today

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