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#106. Unique Email Marketing Campaign Ideas for August 2022

Written by Vira Sadlak
3 min read

This week, Vira’s joined by Project Manager Amanda Terpening to discuss some creative campaign ideas for August. Amanda’s new to the podcast, so we’ll start off getting to know her — then, we’ll jump in to all the opportunities to deliver fun, themed content to your customers this month.

Turns out, August is full of some unique holidays you can implement into your campaigns. From National Sisters Day to National Burger Day (our mouths are already watering), we’re running down the list and giving you creative ideas along the way. No matter what your brand’s all about, this episode will inspire you to level up your August newsletters and close out the summer on a high note.

Let’s get into it!

About today’s guest 

Amanda Terpening is one of our brand-new Project Managers at Flowium. Like the rest of our PMs, she’s an email marketing all-star, and overflowing with great campaign ideas. Amanda truly embodies the idea of being an Email Einstein, and she’s here to help take your email marketing game to the next level.

You’ll learn

  • Unique holidays in August to take advantage of
  • How to show off a fun, relatable side to your brand
  • Creative August newsletter ideas
  • How to improve open rates and CTRs this month

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Vira Sadlak​

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