In-depth Email Marketing Audit

Want to know exactly what your email strategy is doing for your eCommerce business? Flowium’s marketing experts will dive into your current strategy, setup, and metrics.

We’ll analyze every facet of your email approach and create a video report with actionable suggestions on how to improve your marketing and boost your store’s revenue and engagement

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Expert Analysis Of Your Email Strategy And Its Results

Have you read reports of booming online retail revenue and felt like your store is lagging behind? We will review your email strategy, setup, and metrics and look for places to tweak and improve your approach.

We’ll guide you towards industry-leading strategies and benchmarks and deliver a roadmap of how to take your marketing to the next level. From there, you can either get to work yourself or partner with Flowium and let our team of experts take over.

Who Are We?

Flowium is a full-service eCommerce email & SMS marketing agency built to grow online retail revenue and connect clients to their customers.

We know email & SMS marketing strategy (and the technology that powers it) inside and out, and we’ll lean on that expertise to help your business reach its true potential.

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We’re allergic to technical jargon and insider terms


We’ll build a plan you can implement right away


We’ll create a map showing you how to grow


We know where to start and what’s most important

What’s Included

We’ll start the audit with an overview of your strategy. We’ll analyze your email list audience, the flows you’ve built, campaigns you’ve run, customer lists and segments, and other applicable metrics.

Then, we’ll scrutinize your flows and campaigns, email design, deliverability, opt-in forms, and even your email preference page. We’ll take a close look at every component of your strategy and build an overview of everything that’s influencing your email marketing results—along with a plan for what to do next.


We’ve painstakingly tested and optimized our audit process so we can get you the results you’re after as quickly as possible.

Complete the payment
Select the option that works for you (listed below) and submit your payment to kickstart the process.
Grant Flowium software access

Provide us with admin permission to your email software account so our team can look under the hood and analyze your performance.

Check out the report

In 5 business days, we’ll send you the full report so you can decide what to do next.

Email marketing in-depth audit

Sample Reports

Want to get an idea of what your report will contain? Here’s a sample report that includes every important metric (without any useless clutter).

Don't Take Our Word For It

Don’t just take our word for it

Ryan Kutscher

Ryan Kutscher

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Flowium is excellent. They take a comprehensive, and quantitative approach to driving results. They’re also very clear about exactly what needs to happen to improve sales through email. I would recommend working with Flowium to anyone looking to increase their revenue through a smart, analytical, and comprehensive email marketing approach. Whatever you need they can help with, from user flows, to copywriting, and beyond. One thing is certain, Flowium can help you improve your business and bottom line. Would absolutely recommend working with them.

Ryan Kutscher

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Mike Klein

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Alissa, Andriy and the team did a great job to improve my business’s email marketing. They created an email marketing strategy that fit the way I run my business, found a way to implement my new loyalty program into that strategy and
have been running successful, weekly email campaigns. The campaigns have brought tremendous feedback from customers who are very pleased with the look and feel of what they’re receiving in their inboxes. Would highly recommend the work of this team to all!

Mike Klein

Kirra Bixby

Kirra Bixby

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Working with Flowium was a great experience, and we appreciate their dedication to making our new preference page fit our brand. We want our customers to feel like they have options when signing up for our email, that they can really tailor their KiraGrace experience to their specific interests in the brand. Some of our customers might be really community focused and want to hear about our blogs, while others only want news during sales & promotion times. We want to make sure we have a suitable option for everyone. I especially appreciated Flowium’s video explanations — their team really put the time into solving each issue we came across.

Kirra Bixby

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If you’d like to receive your results ASAP, choose the expedited audit. Not in a hurry? Our standard audit provides the same amount of analysis with a slightly longer turnaround time.

Expedited Audit

$ 2250
  • Ready in 5 Business Days
  • PDF Report
  • Video Explanation

Regular Audit

$ 1625
  • Ready in 10 Business Days
  • PDF Report
  • Video Explanation

Inbox Audits are available once a year per brand. For continued services with our team see our Retainer Plans or Consultation Services. Please note that our Inbox Audit and Consultation Service do not include any work being done in your account, rather a full analysis of your KPIs and metrics, along with strategy advice with suggestions from one of our email marketing experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most detailed updated list of what our audit service has to offer is right here.

Yes, we do. We use internal software to run several tests to check your sender’s reputation score along with your deliverability. If there’s an issue there, we’ll cover it in our final report and tell you how to fix it.
Yes, we do both and we include them in our audit reports.