376% ROI in just 8 Months, Is This Legit?

Discover how we helped a beauty brand acquire over 63K new email subscribers and achieve a remarkable 376% ROI in just 8 months.

Email Marketing Results with Retention.com

Here are the remarkable numbers the brand achieved with Retention.com in less than 8 months.

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New Subscribers
Lead Acquisition Cost
(per subscriber)
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Total Revenue attributed to Retention.com

One significant challenge in eCommerce is acquiring new customers, which often comes with a substantial cost, including marketing expenses, discounts, or incentives.

Retention.com is a powerful tool designed to convert anonymous shoppers into email subscribers and, subsequently, into revenue. This tool makes it possible to grow your mailing list by up to 20 times.

The beauty brand spent $14,000 over 8 months ($1.750 per month). During this time, the tool brought them 62,881 new subscribers. Out of the 62,881 new leads, 1,716 became customers, making the customer acquisition cost $8.16.

The total revenue achieved with Retention.com’s help turned out to be $66,749 (although, according to our calculations, it amounted to $94,676).

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