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#111. Why Zero-Party Data is Your Greatest Advantage in eCommerce Marketing

Written by Vira Sadlak
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Zero-Party Data is All-important in 2022!

Zero-Party Data is information about your customers that is hard to infer or buy from a user. With cookies becoming less effective at gathering data, getting information directly from your customers will help you build brand loyalty, target the right people, and make more sales!

This week on Email Einstein, we’re back in the lab with a super exciting episode and guest! Gen Furukawa is the co-founder of Prehook, a leading quiz platform for Shopify merchants. This week we’re talking about how you can implement quizzes at every stage of your buyer’s journey to gain valuable data, engage your customers, and really boost those conversions!

Let’s get into this great episode!

About today’s guest 

Gen is co-Founder of Prehook, a leading quiz platform for Shopify merchants. Gen has been in eCommerce for 10+ years, with the last seven years in eCommerce SaaS. Before Prehook, Gen was part of the founding team and VP of Marketing at Jungle Scout, the leading software for Amazon sellers.

Prehook helps hundreds of high-growth Shopify merchants sell more, accelerate list growth, and capture zero-party data with quizzes.

Gen also hosts the eCommerce marketing podcast Cart Overflow, where he shares what the best brand operators, agencies, and tech platforms are doing to grow their eCommerce revenues.

Conect with Gen here: email gen@prehook.com, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You’ll learn

  • How to implement a quiz with new customers, repeat shoppers, and more 
  • The type of questions to ask and when 
  • How zero-party data is different from 1st or 3rd party data 
  • What makes this data so valuable for eCommerce brands 
  • How to get started with your first quizzes!

Some of the questions we ask:

  • How can different brands incorporate quizzes into their marketing strategy? 
  • How do you capture Zero Party Data? 
  • Why is Zero Party Data more critical now than ever? 
  • At what point in the funnel can interactive quizzes be used?

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