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#134. Use Transactional Messaging to Level Up Your eCommerce Business

Written by Vira Sadlak
3 min read
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Today’s episode is a must-listen for anyone in the eCommerce industry. Our host Vira chats with fellow marketer and podcaster Blake Imperl on optimizing the eCommerce experience from start to finish.

Tune in to hear all things transactional emails, improving operations, and so much more on Email Einstein.

About today’s guest

Blake Imperl is the Head of Marketing at Wonderment and the host of the “Thank You, Come Again” podcast. He previously was Head of Partner Community at Attentive where he helped champion the framework for using SMS as a relationship-building channel. Blake has a deep eCommerce background spending the majority of his professional career building and scaling retention marketing programs for D2C brands. He is passionate about teaching brands and agencies alike how to better use retention marketing channels to create exceptional customer experiences.

About Wonderment

Wonderment is a platform that helps Shopify brands reduce support tix, improve retention & increase upsells with a better order tracking experience.

Some of the questions we ask:

  • Why should brands care about softwares like Wonderment?
  • How do you turn shipping delays into opportunities?
  • What are some common order tracking mistakes brands are making?

You’ll learn

  • Why transactional emails are so important 
  • How to gain revenue for your eCommerce business with transactional emails
  • How to save money on operations with solutions like Wonderment 
  • How avoid customer complaints with effective communication

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Meet your host

Vira Sadlak​

Vira Sadlak​

Podcast host, marketer, traveller and a life lover from Vancouver, Canada

When she’s not at her computer, conquering the world of e-commerce email-marketing, you can find her climbing one of the Pacific Northwest Ranges.

Alternatively, try her email at vira@flowium.com, and she’ll probably shoot you back a list of her favorite cat videos.

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