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#101. How Successful Brands are Innovating their Subscription Programs

Written by Vira Sadlak
3 min read
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Vira’s back in the lab with special guest Matthew Holman. He’s an eCommerce subscription wizard who’s been helping brands boost customer loyalty and revenue by optimizing their subscription strategy.

Class is in session! This episode is truly subscription 101 (it’s episode 101 – get it!?). We’ll share the opportunities and the challenges with this highly popular, innovative sales strategy!

Subscriptions are a way to engage customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases from you. In the last few years, eCommerce businesses have been flocking to a subscription model. You can keep customers engaged monthly or even weekly, gain a constant revenue stream, and foster brand loyalty with great perks.

Listen in and learn how this model can work for your business!

About today’s guest 

Matthew Holman is “The Guy” when it comes to subscription software and getting the most out of eCommerce subscribers. A marketer at heart, Matthew has had experience at every level of eCommerce, from the highest level of strategy to the logistics of shipping products. He’s done it all.

He’s currently the head of growth at QPilot, a dynamic software company that helps businesses manage repeat and scheduled orders. If you’re struggling to manage subscriptions, QPilot is definitely for you.

You’ll learn

  • The different types of subscription models and which will work for you. 
  • How to track results from subscription programs. 
  • The most important metrics for a subscription business. 
  • Why managing customer churn is a key factor in the success of your subscriptions.

Some of the questions we ask:

  • What businesses should you consider adding subscriptions to their Shopify store and why? 
  • What is Customer Churn, and what does it mean for your business?
  • How can businesses reduce Customer Churn?

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