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#148. How to Discover Profitable Segments and Customer Insights Backed by Data Science

Written by Vira Sadlak
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The importance of segmentation is no secret to anyone in email marketing. But should we rely solely on the conventional “60-day engaged”, or is there a more effective approach?

In this episode, our guest John Chao joins our Email Einstein, Vira, to discuss advanced segmentation and how to leverage it to maximize your list’s profitability.

About today’s guest 

John Chao is the CEO of Tresl Segments. With 20,000+ hours of data science & predictive modeling experience, John knows what success looks like and has hands-on experience in helping companies build toward their goals and aspirations. John is a firm believer in the human element of data science and analytics in business.

You’ll learn

  • Advanced segmentation: going beyond purchasing behavior
  • Why higher engagement doesn’t always guarantee more revenue
  • Case study: Customized post-purchase flow for ILIA 
  • How to shift from making assumptions about your customers’ purchasing behavior to leveraging real data for scientifically-backed results
  • How to move away from using industry-wide data for segmentation decisions and instead focus on understanding customers’ shopping habits within your store 
  • How Tresl can help you segment repeat customers and convert them into subscribers

Some of the questions we ask:

  • How are Tresl segments different from Klaviyo segments?
  • What’s your definition of valuable segments, and how do you identify them within your clients’ email lists?
  • How do you use data obtained through Tresl to help subscription brands maximize their revenue?

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