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#132. Power Your Business through Proper Financing with Eric Youngstrom

Written by Vira Sadlak
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In today’s episode, email Einstein, Vira joins forces with Eric Youngstrom, founder and CEO of Onramp Funds, to discuss all things funding for eCommerce businesses! Eric has helped build companies in the eCommerce, data, and telecom markets.

32% of eCommerce businesses fail due to a lack of capital, so what can you do if you’re short on cash? Let’s dive into some options and learn how Onramp Funds can help if you’re in a bind!

About today’s guest 

Eric Youngstrom is the founder and CEO of Onramp Funds. He has helped build companies in the eCommerce, data, and telecom markets.

You’ll learn

  • About financing options available to new businesses
  • How to take a long-term, sustainable view of your businesses through proper cash-flow management
  • The differences between funding for eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores
  • How to manage seasonal fluctuations through proper cash-flow stabilization
  • How lenders can make more informed, data-based decisions
  • How Onramp manages organizational data and privacy

Some of the questions we ask:

  • How can Onramp Funds help an organization?
  • What is the difference in raising capital for eCommerce businesses versus brick-and-mortar businesses?
  • What are the main reasons small-to-medium-sized businesses approach Onramp?
  • What do merchants typically use the capital for?
  • What type of risk-assessment process is in place for Onramp?
  • And more!

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