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#152. Rev Up Your 4th of July Sales with These Email Campaigns

Written by Vira Sadlak
3 min read

In this action-packed episode, our very own Erik Tharp, a brilliant email marketing specialist at Flowium, and our host Vira Sadlak sit down to discuss the latest trends and best 4th of July practices for both American and international brands.

They dive deep into the intricacies of 4th of July campaigns and explore the powerful email marketing strategies that can skyrocket your sales.

You’ll learn

  • Critical segments to target for 4th of July
  • One reative way to segment your audience for 4th of July 
  • The best way to personalize your 4th of July campaigns
  • Important considerations around 4th of July segmentation 
  • Examples of great 4th of July campaigns
  • A time-tested promotion trick you can’t afford to ignore
  • What you need to send in the days leading up to 4th of July

Some of the questions we ask:

  • Should you send your 4th of July promo to the entire list?
  • How to find out what motivates your customers to buy on 4th of July?
  • How many emails are just right to send for 4th of July and what should their content be?
  • Should you use SMS for your 4th of July promos?

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Vira Sadlak​

Vira Sadlak​

Podcast host, marketer, traveller and a life lover from Vancouver, Canada

When she’s not at her computer, conquering the world of e-commerce email-marketing, you can find her climbing one of the Pacific Northwest Ranges.

Alternatively, try her email at vira@flowium.com, and she’ll probably shoot you back a list of her favorite cat videos.

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