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#124. How to Keep Consistent Sales with Relo

Written by Vira Sadlak
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This week on Email Einstein, we’re chatting with Harry Willis about how to drive sales AFTER Black Friday using Relo. When sales begin to dip after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ve got solutions! Listen to this episode to learn how to increase sales leading up to the holidays by personalizing customer experiences.

About today’s guest 

Harry Willis is a Partnerships Lead at Relo. Harry and his team help brands to win the DTC race.

Connect with Harry here: email harry@blueprint.store and on LinkedIn.

What is Relo? 

Relo is a repeat revenue platform built on a strategic alliance with Klaviyo, and the easiest way for customers to reorder, try a subscription and stay on subscription.

Key case studies:

Repeat buy – How BUBS Naturals increased repeat revenue by 40% using Relo – 20X ROI.
Subscription management – How Pore Favor decreased subscription churn by 21% using Relo – 12X ROI.

Friends of Flowium can access a full 30 day free trial with white glove customer support and setup in your current Klaviyo flows!
To claim yours, email harry@blueprint.store.

You’ll learn

  • What Relo is, and how it can increase sales.
  • Why improving messaging, dynamic timing, and user experience helps increase sales.
  • Why it’s beneficial to use data to improve static flows.
  • Repeat revenue potential with Relo.

Some of the questions we ask:

  • How can Relo help increase sales?
  • What flows can you customize with Relo?
  • How can Relo help drive more revenue by turning 1x buyers into subscribers?
  • What is the Magic Cart?

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