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#98. Email Marketing Campaign Ideas for June 2022

Written by Vira Sadlak
3 min read

This week, Vira’s joined by fellow email obsessive and project manager extraordinaire Dawnna Goller! We’re sharing our very favorite summer-starting Campaign Ideas for June. Summer’s starting, school’s ending, and there’s a feeling of unlimited possibilities.

While summer is a bit of a lull in the eCommerce world, it’s hugely busy for monthly observances and holidays! It’s your chance to use some creativity and personality to encourage those sluggish shoppers to create connections and conversions!

We’ve got an huge list of content ideas for you. Starting with well-known observances, Pride Month, Father’s Day, the Start of summer (June 21st), and even some you might not have heard of like National Donut Day (June 3rd), Upsy Daisy Day (June 8th), or National Iced Tea Day (June 10th)!

You’ll learn

  • How to stand out with your Father’s Day campaigns & deals! 
  • Why quality content is always worth the effort. 
  • How to use Summer nostalgia to create a meaningful connection with customers. 
  • Our best tips on matching these observances to your business!

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