BFCM & Holidays 2021:
Email Marketing Guide for eCommerce stores

You can make 50% to 100% of your total annual revenue during the busy months of October – December. Prepare for this year’s busy holiday season with our eCommerce Holiday Guide 2021.

Holiday guide

Get ready for the busy season

In a few months, you’ll be juggling customer service requests, inventory mishaps, and shipments and fulfillment issues. And oh yeah, there’ll also be more competition than ever before.

Don’t wait until the last minute to build your promotion and sales strategies. You need to have them ready at least a month in advance — automated and ready to go — so that you can focus on creating the best possible experience for your customers.

Why email?

Our clients choose emails over any other channels for their holiday sales. Here’s why.

An ROI of $38 for
every $1 you spend

Top converting channel for eCommerce (according to Shopify)

Emails nurture relationships with your customers

Discount strategy suggestions

What’s worked for our customers (and what hasn’t)

How to set up automations

Crucial email flows — don’t skip them!

Design tips to catch clicks

Great design reaches inboxes. Here’s how to execute it.

Strong copy secrets

From subject lines to CTAs...get your voice right.

What’s included

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to create an effective email marketing strategy that makes money while you’re focused on improving your customers’ experience.

Conquer this holiday season

Check out detailed explanations, tips, and real-life examples in Flowium’s free eCommerce Holiday Guide 2021.

BFCM & Holidays 2021: Email Marketing Guide for eCommerce stores

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