There’s a lot of noise in your customers’ inboxes. That’s why today, to win your customers’ hearts, you need to continuously create fresh content that connects with them, puts them in a good mood, and lets them know they’re in the center of your brand. 

But if you’ve ever worked with content, you know – coming up with consistently good ideas that turn window shoppers into the most loyal fans of your brand is not an easy task. 

So how do you stay inspired and always send the emails your customers can’t wait to read? 

Tune in for today’s episode with Erich Hellstrom, the creative brain behind Chubbies’ marketing and their brand’s “senior subject line manager”.

In this episode, Erich will share how he went from studying political science to working for Chubbies, what helped him truly understand their customers, and how their team turned their email list into a community.

You’ll learn 

  • The winning formula for successful subject lines that convert 
  • How many subject lines it takes to find the perfect one
  • How Chubbies developed their unique email-first approach and what you can learn from it 
  • How often to A/B test your subject lines
  • How to get someone who hasn’t opened your emails in a while to finally read them
  • How to A/B test your subject line like a pro


Some of the questions we ask:

  • How do you pinpoint your brandvoice?
  • How do you consistently come up with great ideas for email campaigns?
  • How often do you send campaigns in a week?
  • With email, social media, and website, where does email fit in your marketing strategy?


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