Ecommerce-email marketing benchmarks

As you might already know email marketing is one of the most important parts of your online business.


On average email marketing for online stores should generate at least 30% of the revenue.

In this post I will explain you how the numbers work.

Automated emails

The automated emails is must to have for every online store. Yes you need to invest upfront to set it up and create the content. But after your are done it is like having free sales person to sale on your behalf 24/7.

Also, the automated emails should generate at least 15% of revenue for your store. So for every $100 you make $15 should come from the automated emails.

If you are still not having the automated emails, you are loosing 15% every minute.


Campaings are little bit difference since you need to create new email every time. Thats why many companies do not do it becaus you need to have a great develop system for sending our weekly, bi-weekly or monthly campaings.

Cmpaings will generate you another 15% of the stores revenue and it will go hire during the holidays.

However, somtimes you send campaings not to generate money but just provide value or raise the awareness.


In general your email marketing efforts should generate at least 30% of your stores revenue. This is you base line.

You can do better but it is your bare minimum. Just keep it in mind when you hire email marketer or doing email marketing yourself.