20%-50% added to your revenue – one email at a time

Social media may be good to get your customer’s attention. But it’s email marketing that will turn browsers into buyers and nurture them into loyal fans of your brand
Screenshots showcasing projects for previous clients
Logo of an eCommerce using email marketing
The logo of an eCommerce using email marketing
Logo of a brand of eCommerce using email marketing
Logo of an eCommerce using email marketing
Logo of an eCommerce using Flowium's email marketing services
Logo od R13, Flowium's email marketing service for eCommerce client

Why email marketing for your eCommerce business?

“I’m not sure I need email marketing – I’m already selling well through social”

“I'm already doing email marketing – we send promo emails every month. What benefits would I gain by doing additional email marketing?”

“Is Klaviyo worth the investment long-term?”

We hear similar phrases from eCommerce business owners who haven’t tried email marketing.

Here are a few reasons why our eCommerce clients choose email marketing over other channels:

Email marketing is the top converting channel for eCommerce. For our clients, it generates 30%+ of their total online revenue within the first 3 months

Email marketing is cost-effective: it offers an average of a $38 ROI for every dollar you spend
80%-90% of the customers that come through social media will never buy from you again. With email marketing, you can nurture one-time buyers into your loyal customers

What we mean by

“email marketing”

One of the big mistakes you can make with email marketing is approaching it as one-off emails trying to sell something. If you’ve ever tried it, you already know that it doesn’t work.

To get results from email marketing, you need a strategy that includes these four elements:

behavior-based emails

browse and cart abandonment, welcome series and others
well-timed, relevant campaigns

one-time emails you send manually to keep your customers engaged with your brand
Copy and Design
to match your brands voice and mission ensuring that your emails are received well
A/B testing and optimization
testing continuously to only use the best performing emails for your business using data, and stats to continuously improve your email performance
A/B testing and optimization
testing continuously to only use the best performing emails for your business using data, and stats to continuously improve your email performance

Keeping your senders’ reputation high so that your emails land in your customer’s inboxes

After years of extensive testing and experimenting, we came to a conclusion that if you take one element out, the strategy doesn’t work.

That’s why we offer a full service and not separate elements – that way can guarantee the best results.

What you get when you work with Flowium

Increasing your overall revenue by 30%-60% without having to increase your workload
Less reliance on paid advertising, so you can use the money to continue developing your brand

Using email as an organic way to engage with your customers and nurture them into loyal fans of your brand

Converting your one-off shoppers into 2-time buyers
Having the chance to focus on other areas of your business like updating your tech stack, optimizing your website, and building out your media team
Building your brand awareness through consistently showcasing your design and brand voice in your emails

How we work

When you get started with Flowium, we assign 6 people from our team to your project:

Here’s what we do on a monthly basis:

Onboarding & Setup
Premium Flows & Split Testing
MONTH 4–6+
Automation & Campaigns
Blue border with an arrow on the bottom
Onboarding & Setup
Blue border with an arrow on the bottom
Lifecycle & Campaigns
Blue border with an arrow on the bottom
Premium Flows & Split Testing
MONTH 4–6+
Blue border with an arrow on the bottom
On the way to 30%+

Here’s how it’s worked for other
eCommerce business owners

Quotation mark

I worked with Andriy on a Mailchimp to Klaviyo migration. Andriy is very methodical and good at what he does. He lays out a plan and sticks to it, but most importantly he makes you stick to the plan as well. He will push a project forward even if the going gets tough and he does not give up.

Andriy was always willing to get on a call and talk things through and he is concerned with making sure that you feel good about where the project is and if you’re not [feeling good about the project], he’ll fix it.
I highly recommend Andriy.

Elliott Rader

Elliott Rader

Quotation mark

I would like to say a big thank you to Angel and the team, they did an amazing job. It was great to finally work with a team that knew what they were doing and explain everything so well. Looking forward to using your services again.

This is our second time working with Flowium and soon to be third.
I can’t recommend them enough. Easy to work with, great communicators, amazing team, and very helpful. If you are thinking
of making the switch to Flowium, just do it, you’ll see they live and breath Klaviyo.

david stay loayal

David Korac

Quotation mark

Extremely happy with my experience with Flowium. An absolute pleasure to work with, but most of all — they deliver results. More than 30% of our sales have come from their emails!

I’ve hired them for multiple projects at this point and I’m always impressed with how knowledgeable and professional they are. In short, they’re great at what they do.

David Sanghera

David Sanghera

Quotation mark

Andriy and his team are awesome. They created an email campaign for me and my online sales increased by 40% in a matter of a few months. Crazy.

He is professional, organized, and sent me thorough demo videos walking me through the process so I could have my assistant do updates. Would highly recommend him.

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

Here’s what your emails
can look like

Our pricing

As we mentioned above, a good strategy includes both automated emails and campaigns that you send manually. You decide which option you’d like to go with based on the number of email campaigns you want to send out every month.
No revenue share, no setup costs.
Set Up (Up to first 12 Weeks)
Account Setup
Strategy Creation &

Foundational Flows /
Quarterly Campaign Calendar
Full Email Marketing Service (After Setup)
Strategic Optimization of
Foundational Flows / Automations
Advanced Custom Flows /
Technology Stack Flows /
Monthly Reporting
Campaigns IncludedN/A5 Campaigns / month10 Campaigns / month
Monthly Flowium Service Fee $3,500 / month$5,000 / month$6,000 / month
Additional Campaigns$450 / campaign$350 / campaign$250 / campaign
SMS Marketing$500 / month$500 / month$500 / month

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you learn what it’s like to work with us risk-free.


Customer Life Cycle Flows are included with every customer setup. We believe these flows to be a vital foundation for your email marketing. The following flows are included with every plan:

  • Pre-Purchase (Aka Welcome) – 7-10 emails
  • Exit Intent – 4 emails
  • Abandonment Cart – 4 – 7 emails
  • Post Purchase (New Customer) – 5-8 emails
  • 2x Buyer Post Purchase – 1-3 emails
  • Browser Abandonment – 3 emails
  • Win Back – 4 emails
  • Sunset – 3 emails
  • Bounce back – 1 email

Advanced flows include all additional flows outside of your initial Life Cycle Flows. This is part of our ongoing service for our existing clients. We believe in continually adding additional flows that enhance your email marketing strategy.  That includes flows we might build to leverage your technology stack. For example, if you have a loyalty program, we will add another 3-5 flows to improve the performance of that program. Or maybe you have a product review software that we could use to collect data and use it to segment your customers. Other new flows might include updated iterations of some existing flows. For example an Abandonment Cart Flow might have 3-5 different versions. Your different buyer persona will receive personalized messages to boost conversion rates.

We’re happy to implement virtually any type of flow you can imagine (as long as you’re able to explain what you’re going for and give us an idea of the underlying strategy). Be aware that some requests might require additional resources like a developer, other software, or more.

If you’re just looking for short term help to set up your project, that will take us about six to eight weeks and would require 2 months of payments on our Bronze plan. We’ll create your entire fundamental lifecycle flow strategy, ensure your Klaviyo is setup and configured correctly, provide copywriting and design content, and implement the entire strategy. You can expect seven to ten flows depending on the strategy required for your business.

Our six to eight-week estimate is contingent on receiving feedback and approval on our proposed strategy and content (copy/design) from you within a reasonable time frame. To hit that timeline, we’d need feedback on strategy outlines, copy, and design within two business days of receipt. If the project is delayed beyond eight weeks due to a lack of timely feedback from the client, we will not move forward unless the client continues to pay our monthly retainer fee.

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