Cold Outreach Specialist

Cold outreach specialist to schedule calls with potential clients

Work remotely / Full-time or part-time position

Flowium is a full-service, eCommerce email marketing agency. We work with world-changing businesses to boost their voices and broaden their impact. We know email marketing strategy (and the technology that powers it) inside and out, and we lean on that expertise to help brands reach their true potential.

Position Overview

We are looking for a proactive specialist to represent our company, be the first touch point, network on LinkedIn, network in Facebook groups, cold calls, and other channels. 

We’re looking for someone who could schedule meetings with potential clients for our agency on a daily basis. That’ll be your only responsibility – looking for potential clients, networking with them, and the ultimate goal – getting them to schedule a call with us.

We’re not looking for someone who’ll be blasting pre-written cold emails to thousands of people. We’re looking for someone who’ll be networking, making connections, jumping on calls, sending a postcard manually if they need to, and find different creative ways of reaching out to our potential clients – so they get a great first impression of our agency and are happy to schedule a call with our sales team. Someone you start talking to and they’re your best friend.

Your Responsibilities

  • Looking for potential clients for our agency on LinkedIn and other channels, reaching out to them through cold calls, connecting with them and the ultimate goal is to get them to schedule a call with our agency. We do provide tools and resources to find prospect contact information.
  • Networking on different channels

Required Skills and Experience

  • Proven track record in successful lead generation for b2b companies. Please do not apply if you can’t provide case studies from your previous projects
  • Experience in lead generation for agencies or other service-based businesses 
  • Self-starter
  • Professional, clear written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly goal-oriented
  • Not afraid to jump on a call and explain our services to potential clients
  • Impressive negotiation and sales skills
  • Understands b2b agency business
  • Understands email marketing (optional – we can teach you)
  • Understands ecommerce landscape in the US 
  • Located in the US or Canada

What We Offer

  • True flexibility & total freedom

Work remotely, set your own schedule, and travel as much as you like. You decide when to take breaks and you get to plot your days off. We’re a global team and you can be 100% location-independent.

  • Paid vacation & sick days

When you start working with us, you’ll begin accumulating some nifty benefits like paid vacation, sick days, and parental leave to use as needed. 

  • Cutting edge technology

We use the best tools available to make your process as smooth and as comfortable as possible. These include Asana, Slack, Loom, Miro, and Klaviyo. If you’re not familiar with a tool we rely on, don’t worry — we’ll make you an expert.

  • Develop your skills

We never settle for good enough. To help you boost your professional development, we reimburse courses, books, subscriptions, and more. Flowium makes it easy to keep getting better.

  • Office space rent compensation

Your workspace should work for you. We co-invest with Flowium team members to make sure they have comfortable office spaces.

Next Steps


Application Form

Fill out the application on our site (don’t worry, it’s pretty painless)
(up to 30 mins)

Application Form Review

We’ll take a look at your submission and get in touch within a few days to schedule an interview if we feel like you’d fit in at Flowium



Two stages of interview



If all goes well, we’ll offer you the job and begin onboarding!