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What is the difference between delete vs suppress subscribers in Klaviyo?

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    When it comes to email marketing software, we strongly recommend Klaviyo. As an ESP specifically designed for online stores, Klaviyo offers robust features to help you sell, not just send emails. In case you’re also looking to connect with your customers through SMS, Klaviyo provides an SMS platform that works in sync with your emails, for even better results.

    This is Andriy from Email Marketing NYC with daily video about how to use Klaviyo or Klaviyo tips and tricks. So today I want to explain you, what’s the difference between the suppress subscribers and delete subscribers. 

    You have two options in Klaviyo and two options to do different things, so be careful. 

    So delete option, it’s when you delete subscriber from Klaviyo, it means you delete the subscriber, his email, as well all data associated with that contact. So when you enter your Klaviyo account, you click on profiles, and here you have lists of all people who is purchased from you, subscribed, or some kind of activities. 

    Right now you have active profiles and you have suppressed profiles. So first let’s open this contact and we can see, we can see all activities they did, say purchase something, then they received email, they open email, they click email. So this all data for this specific contact. 

    Let’s say if you want to suppress this contact, we just copy this email, his email, his/her email, we go to profiles, we click on suppress profiles and we click add email address. And we will suppress this specific contact. We will suppress it manually. So this way, if we suppress contact, all data will be available in Klaviyo. 

    However, you will not be able to send them emails. Also, it will not count towards your monthly bill for the subscription, it will be suppressed profile, you do not pay for suppress subscribers, and also you will not be able to send them email. 

    Another option delete. When you delete subscribers, you go to account, you go to settings, and you go to account maintenance. And here you can select any segments you want. And all people, all subscribers will be deleted from that account. However, when you delete, they disappear completely from your Klaviyo account, and you will not be able to see historic data. 

    So is this is the main difference between delete and suppress. Delete, it means delete completely, suppress, you just suppressing them so you don’t pay for them and you will not be able to send them emails. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions about this topic, thank you.

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